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Learner after bike???????

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by booga666, May 1, 2006.

  1. Hey every 1 yes another new person here, just about to go do my L's test in NSW, selling the car and after a bike now!!!!
    just wondering if any1 has any ideas for good bikes i only wana spend no more then $3500 coz a 250 isnt really wat i want (just the law) as i like a full fairing bike, at the moment im thinking of a ZZR250! i am quite tall so i dnt want anything 2 small.
    So if any1 can tell me any negative/positive things about this bike or others plz do, and if u no of any for sale! thanx alot!!! :cool:

  2. Hi, booga. Another newy here too. But check out the rta website and look at what bikes are covered in the LAM scheme. In a lot of cases you can go up to a 650. Probably not in the sports bike class as it is done on power to weight ratios but you might find you can start on a bigger bike than you think.
  3. Welcome to Netrider mate. :grin:

    In NSW there is no need for you to ride a 250. Check out some of the LAMS bikes. You will be Pleasantly surpised with your choices. :wink:
  4. Are you sure you want a fully faired bike? Why?

    I'd say go for a bigger bike, as other posters have said. It probally won't be faired, but it will be faster.

    I'd say XJ650 or Z650 is a cool start. Not faired, but not a 250 either. Big bikes, physically, and the engines/power. Easy to ride too.

    The faired GS500 would be good for you, but out of your price range. You can get a great naked one for the price you have though. Either that or an ER-5.
  5. Welcome to netrider booga (Another booga :LOL: ) good luck with your test.

    I think Josh(N1GH7-R1D3R) is selling a gpx250 which is very similar to a zzr250 for around that price, you might want to pm him or find the thread in the bikes for sale section :) .
  6. i just like the look of the full fairing sports bikes! but i'll have a look at the other bikes if i can find them! Thanx alot!
  7. go for the hyosung 650, its on the list and at the end of ur restriction period, get the restriction off and u got a bigger bike
  8. Hi and welcome.

    I rode a 500 on my L's .
    Where abouts in nsw are you? and you do know that if your over 30 and got a gold licence ,you can pretty much go from a L's ... to full licence in a few weeks.
  9. hi and welcome, if its a 250 your after you can probably look at a gpx, across, cbr250rr something like that.. you will probably only have that bike for a year and 3 months then you can upgrade... shop around you may be able to pick something up for 2500. then spend the rest of you budget on gear and insurances.
  10. Yeah I hear ya, I want my bike to look like a fighter jet, because its the closest I can get to pretending Im flying one :LOL:
    Got to be faired for that.

    You will get a ZZR in that price range easy.
  11. heah i looked at a hyosund 250r but changed my mind about budget as i would like a GSXR750 or R6 wen im off my P's, at this stage i think a ZZR is still the 1 i prefer, how do the other 250 go like compared 2 the ZZR in the $3500 price range???
  12. So in NSW's you guys can ride up to 650cc on your "L's". How come we get scr**ed here in VIC??? :evil:
  13. Fully faired equals more on insurance and repairs for even a slight drop at parking speeds. You'll have plenty of time to get the fully faired bike.
  14. My 2 cents worth, if your heart is set on a fully faired bike........... go for it. :)

    Learner does not always mean dropping your bike. But if you do, it sure hurts the hip pocket :?
  15. ok I am another one who wants to get a 250cc ride - preferably something suzuki and yes, I want a race style (faired) bike too.

    I have seen a lot of GSX Rs around as of late and they all "have it", if you get my drift, there's just something appealing about them.

    But like most newbies, money is an issue. Anyone know of anyone selling in QLD?
  16. also can any1 tell me wat the RGV250's r like?
  17. Quick bikes IF in good condition, but don't suit taller riders very well.

    The amount of money you're looking at spending will buy you an rgv with plenty of problems.
  18. haha ok thanx wat about GPX250's just saw 1 at a bike shop wasnt 2 bad 2 look at and felt comfortable, wat r these bikes like? sorry about all the questions but thanx for the help every1
  19. GPX's are good value IMO, and will teach you plenty without breaking the bank.

    Most sports 250's go about the same, but the 2 cylinders (GPX) are easier to live with around town, easier to ride, and have better initial acceleration than the 4 cylinder machines.

    $3.5k will get you a good one.
  20. how do they compare 2 a ZZR250