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Learner (6 months) - round about cut off & crash

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by PGriz, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Well, New to the site, new to bikes and new to the Near miss thread.

    All i can say is that it wasn't a near miss, but a small coming off and crash on Friday afternoon.

    Cause? cut off by a car on my right side as i went around the two lane roundabout. I consider the event partly my fault, obviously the driver being reckless and getting right up close to me whilst driving at a fairly fast speed for a roundabout, bit of inexperience and panic on my behalf as i assumed he'll hit me and instinct kicked in and i probably did the wrong thing to avoid the driver, bit off road surface issues (gravel on the outerside of the left lane) and end result one road slide into the gutter on the Ninja.

    How it happen? Riding down a one lane road, approaching a roundabout that has left lane going straight, right lane turning, as i was approaching the two lane roundabout i noticed a car quickly catching pace behind me, thought nothing of it at the time, focused on the road ahead, roundabout was clear so continued through, headed straight through sticking to the left lane, the car came up nice and close to the right side of me as they(the car) turned right from the right lane, almost clipping me with their front left, must have instinctive reacted to avoid (most likely panicked due to inexperience), next thing i know my front gave out, was sliding with my right side pinned under the bike, straight into the gutter.

    Bastards sped off without a concern.

    Managed to get out from under the bike, lift it and push it onto the nature strip. Damage wasn't too serious for either myself or the bike as i wasn't going at any great speed. Typical fairing cracks and scrapes with the front forks being slightly unaligned due to the hit into the gutter.

    I ended up getting some decent abrasion on my knee and ankle and lots of bumps and bruises. Pretty lucky outcome.

    Local residents came out to assist and were wonderful. One lady saw the whole thing and wanted to call the Police as she believes the driver was reckless. End of the day bike isn't too bad, I'm not too bad, and I'll just consider that an unlucky moment and inexperience on my behalf.

    Will fix the bike and jump back on. Worst was pushing the Ninja 250 2km back to the house :(. - Did i mention it was on lend from my brother in law - ARgghh offered to buy it off him but he was cool with it.

    Well that's my 1st road crash. Thank God it wasn't worse.

  2. Sorry to hear about it buddy. Glad your all good. How come the push ? why did you have to push it. Sometimesthey just have been flooded. Or were the forks a little bit too twisted.
    Anywho I am glad your ok. It will reduce your panic factor next time though. Ah the joys of riding..... still worth eery bit of agnst
  3. Sorry to hear about the off and welcome.
  4. The Gear Lever popped upwards, as in it was at around 2 o'clock, required an allen key to undo and fix, at the time I didn't realise i had the tool kit in the compartment until after i got home and had a beer. lol. unnecessary 2Km push.

    By the way - thanks for the kind words :) - thought id share it for all those other Learners out there.
  5. Sounds like you were run off the road and they sped off, you ditched the bike to avoid a collision - call the police with the witness.
  6. Sorry to hear about your off mate - glad you are alright.
    In reference to you saying that you saw a car quickly gaining pace on you - take this as a lesson to always glance in your mirrors to watch what's going on and pay attention to what's going on not just in front of you but also behind you. Hope your back up and riding again soon.
  7. Unfortunately the Lady that witnessed it wasn't able to remember the rego. All she knew is that i was a silver Mercedes.
  8. Mate best to let it go.
    You did good. You had a two ton fool upon you and you did your best to avoid being hit. And on a roundabout which we all know are there just to bring bike riders down.
    Nah mate. You did well. Move on. there will be another idiot along soon for sure lol
  9. Damn Merc drivers, probably sipping his caffellatte or she putting her makeup on. Next time make sure to kick their doors in.
  10. Hehehe cheers all
  11. Glad you came out of that relatively and unscathed and lucky it was your bro inlaws bike and he's cool about it. Don't let this incident deter you from purchasing a bike. Once
    you have your own bike and been riding around a while you will build up your road craft and be able to sense these situations in advance and be in a better position to avoid them.
  12. Yeah, brother in law just laughed, so typical, he said it was unlucky but would have most likely happened eventually. He was just happy I'm ok, he told me a story about his first fall, wich he called complete stupidity and inexperiencece. He said he was ridin in a straight line too fast, dead end road type scenario. Couldn't stop panicked and endod it right over the handlebars, flipping both the bike and himself.

    So he reckons most people will have a fall at some point, either their own fault or because of dodgy circumstances. So he was just glad I walked away with minor injuries.