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learne legal for big bloke?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by baf, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. gday all, looking to buy myself a first bike but am a bit worried of it being underpowered as i am 6' 4" and weigh 130. would definately love a naked bike such as the monster 620 but worried it may be a bit much on the hip pocket to maintain and also don't have a huge amount of experience on bikes either. i am qualified as a car mechanic so should be able to do some maintenance such as servicing and so on so would greatly appreciate what to look for that will be able to lug me around comfortably. cheers!

  2. If your a mechanic, you shouldn't find maintaining a ducati very hard at all. It's cheaper than most think.

    Theres a few learner legal monsters going around (620ie) but finding one is nearly impossible, as people who bought them kept them and derestricted once getting a full licence. You can't "put it back" to learner legal after removing the restrictor so yeah, not many around. Believe me, I looked.

    6"4 is getting to the high end for any bike, you may need to look into a custom seat or footpeg arrangement.

    I'll let others with more experience suggest particular model bikes, in the naked style, to suit tall riders. Learner legal I cant personally think of many....but have you tried finding some to sit on? If you have LAMS in your state then theres lots of options. Suzuki SV650 comes to mind (semi naked).
  3. Stay away from hyosung.

    GS500e/f, er5, maybe klr650 or similar if you want a dual purpose

    The SV650 would be a better fit than the S version, at 6 foot I was a little big big for my SV but didn't bother me.

    A 250 would be possible but not a whole lot of fun, if you did go that path vtr250 fit me alot better than other 250s I've ridden.

  4. if you want a 250, I say look at the hornet.

    LAMS bike, I am not sure if the Suzuki GSX650F comes under that? but it is a nice bike.

    GS500, great bike, but a little small for you. ER5 is a better fit I find. (I am 6' 5").

    I sat on a SV in a shop and it seemed too small.

    Maybe look into a motard?
  5. 250 Hornet (full-sized but still a 250)

    Honda CBF-400
  6. Shouldn't be too small, I'm 189cm and 100kg and fit no prob, nice and comfy. I can't see another 1.5" making it too small.
  7. I served my time on an across and didn't find it particularly too small and I'm 192cm and 105kegs. Riding a CBR250RR on the other hand...
  8. GS500 for you I reckon - or a 650 trailbike, they're excellent fun.
  9. I'm 6'7'' and was comfy enough on both the er-5 and gs500. I did find the er-5 to be a poofteenth bigger. Ended up riding a suzuki VX800 on my restrictions (gotta love the ACT's rules), which was very comfy.

    You should have no dramas finding something. As with everything else in a tall mans life...if you want to do it, you'll find a way to fit.

    Just remember, listed seat height is not everything that will go in to being comfy.
  10. 6'2" and 90kg, and I found my time on a Suzuki DR-Z400E to be pretty good. Nice and high, good torque etc etc.

    I now have an Aprilia RS125 (actually riding brothers while I fix mine) which I find good, but thats a different kettle of fish...

    Cheers - boingk
  11. I'm 6'6 @ 120kg, quite comfortable on my VL250.
  12. Being 105kg and 190cm, I'm in the same boat, Frankly all of the LAMS bikes are underpowered for us. Those bikes are good enough if you weight around 70kg - 75 kg
  13. thanks for all the replies guys after looking around i think i may have made up my mind to go for the GS500, want a naked bike but the full fairing model is mighty enticing.
  14. I couldn't stand sitting on one, I am 197cm. Diff people diff builds
  15. I'd have to agree with most of what's been said already!

    I'm 195cm/105kg and came back to riding after many years away on an ER-5 - which I found excellent, and could even handle light touring 2-up with a Ventura rack & tank-bag. Great on the juice too.

    That being said, my fiance is o her L's and we've just bought a VTR250, which I test rode for her - I found it to be surprisingly capable for a bloke my size and when I took her for a look and we went 2-up, it did OK then too.

    If you went down the dual-sport side, then a KLR650 would be plenty big, and I had a BMW F650 for a while, which I found to be very comfortable and capable too. The road-going version of the F650 is the F650S - which I've ridden a few times but has had a serious beating with an ugly stick. They ride fantastically well though and are good fun - also have a storage area where a normal tank would be (real one is under seat).

    If money wasn't an object, I'd probably look at the new CB400 Honda or the Suzuki GSX650F (LAMS approved version). Hyosung GT250 is a good sized bike, but a tad agricultural - their 650 LAMS bikes have pretty much the SV650 engine in them, and appear to be capable, if a little untried over a long term.

    Again, you could opt for a Yamaha XVS650 (classic or custom) if you're into the cruiser thing. They're LAMS approved and quite capable. My missus had one of these first, but found it just a tad too big and heavy for her, particularly at low speed (she's 175cm and 60kg) -but open road she found it lovely to ride. Could be an option for a big fella? I found it OK.

    Again, anyone over 185cm these days is going to make most modern sporty bikes look like a 250 anyway! :) Good luck with your choice - there's plenty out there now thanks to LAMS, so you don't need to be stuck with a 250 if you don't want...
  16. gpx 250 99 model
    i am 6'3 105kg and have done about 6k km on it
    really comfortable for me