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Learn to wheelie

Discussion in 'NSW' started by lui, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Not sure if this is the right forum, Wheelie Zone is located in Sydney (Penshurst), though the simulator is on a trailer so they can move around a bit.

    Website: http://wheeliezone.com.au/ (will go live on 1st Dec)

    They charge $110 for 20 minutes on the simulator to learn to wheelie. The simulator is basically a gixxer 1000 mounted on a control frame. So it's like doing it for real without the worries (good for beginners).

    I was wondering if there is enough interest to form a group to save a few dollars?
  2. Sounds like a bit of fun, and close to me too - in...
  3. seems a bit steep, but a good idea.
  4. the link gives all of nuthin on info, but I like the idea!
    Would love to know how to handle the bike if ever I did one.
    Only earlier in the week I cranked my hornet out in 1st [being silly] and felt the wheel lift [either that or I have a great imagination] must have been brief but did notice some jittering at the front wheel
  5. Information picked up from Sydney Motorcycle Show today:

    20 minute sessions:
    GSXR 1000 - $110 (normal price $132)
    SMR 510 - $88 (normal price $110)
    CRF 230 - $88 (normal price $110)

    Opening on 05/Dec at U2/403 Forest Road, Penshurst
    Booking at www.wheeliezone.com.au from 01/Dec

    Phone: (02) 9580 6216
    Fax: (02) 9580 6241


  6. SHIT YEAH i'ma learn to wheelie the husky!!
  7. Interested. Possibly with +1-4 more people.
  8. Why? There is rarely logs on the road...what?
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  9. i feel sorry for that gixxer
    imagine all the spuds like this guy on it

  10. Interesting - related vids to that one suggest these things have been all over the UK and Americas for a while now...

    I also wonder how many bikes will be binned within a 4-block radius of Penshurst in the next few months...
  11. I saw that rig at the show yesterday, I'm keen to have a go! I've got it to sit at balance point a few times, but can't do it consistently. I'm keen to learn to shift on the back wheel too but it's very hard on your gearbox (and your bollocks) when u get it wrong. Id rather pay $110 and **** their gearbox learning haha
  12. I will give them a call on Monday to get a feel of the sort of deal they are willing to make.
  13. Went to the motorbikeshow today and picked a fliyer, i was checking online for their website, i'm definitly in thanks
  14. Wonder how long it will be until we see a safety nazi rant about it in the Herald.
  15. I'm sending them an email now. I'm signing it off as 'concerned citizen'.
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  16. $110 *

    * plus any damage to clutch, gearbox, motor etc

    Otherwise dont think these guys will last
  17. This looks ok but nothing beats real wheelies on your own bike.

    This would be good for newbs to get over the feeling of the front end being so high up but really, nothing replaces real world experience but can certainly see a limited benefit...

    We thought of setting up something like this, cost wise it was cheaper for us to buy a few crashed auction bikes, run em as stunters and hire them out....when we lost Oran park that fell in a heap...so at least this is another method available I guess!

    If anyone does have a crack, take note the difference between how the Husky will feel with like 25-30% weight over the front VS the road bike with 50+%
  18. Rang them up and found out no exciting deals. They can be flexible in terms of bike arrangements, for example, 10 minutes on the gixxer then 10 minutes on the husky, etc, but will have to pay full price.

    For a group of 5 or 6 people, the organiser gets a freebie, in this case we can just split the cost which works out to about $20 off per person.

    But if you just rang up and mention you saw them at the motorcycle show you will get the discounted price anyway which is also $20 off.

    So basically no group deal. But that may change depends on how business is going.
  19. Saw this also @ the show; here is the machine in action

    I am also kinda interested; but I'd rather use the funds to contribute to CSS; if only CSS had a opening before march of next year!
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  20. #20 lui, Dec 1, 2011
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    What's CSS?