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Learn to Wheelie Course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by CatOnWheels, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    My boyfriend really wants to learn to wheelie but he freaks out
    everytime the bike feels like it is getting the front wheel off the ground.

    I'd love to get him some lessons as a present, kind of like the stunt
    riding course that is offered on this site (but only in the UK!):

    Does anyone know of a course/place in Australia that offers
    something like this??

    Thanks heaps!!
  2. Welcome Cat, great to have another lady rider on the forum
  3. Um... I think team Cunning Stunts runs a stunt school in NSW.

    There's no specific wheelie school though, with those angle-activated engine cutoffs etc.

    Not that I'm aware of.
  4. I suggest he takes lessons from Loz :p :grin:
  5. Absolutely... After all, those who can, do...
  6. I wish! :grin:

    Hes gotta basically gotta grow some gonads & just go for it
    or pair up with someone who already knows how to do em.

    Everyones learnt the same way; by trial n error, practising alone
    &/or with other road users.

    Plenty of tips he can use on this site & plenty of other sites.

    Try checking out the stunt related forums & asking there. If there
    is such a thing as wheelie skool, the guys there would certainly
    know about it :)

  7. Thanks everyone, I've emailed the Cunning Stunts guys.

    I agree though, I think he's going to have to have to lose the fear.
    I think getting a dirt bike and practicing on that might be the go.

    Offtopic, Loz is that really a pic of you??
  8. What, his avatar???? :LOL: :LOL:
  9. The thing that I don't like is if you stuffit then open ya wallet.
    Think I will stick to perfecting it on dirt.
  10. LOL..

    Nooooow caaaaalm down Loz! :LOL:
    Breathe in... Breathe out pmsl :p

    Yeh Cat, the hardest thing to get over is the fear of lifting
    the front wheel & the light feeling u get with it.

    Once u conquer that, it makes practising alot easier :wink:
  11. You mean this one? Of course it is!

    ...Just like you're really a cat on wheels... ;)
  12. stuntskills was just run on weekend. sydney based though.

    there's a BIG stunt get together in townsville feb 11-12. matt mingay and cam ambridge will be there.

  13. If I was cat I might ride a bit better and land on my feet when
    I fall off :)

    Thanks for the laughs guys!!! :)
  14. i know a couple of stunt school/practice sessions have been run up north before, might even be talking about the same group there nam? wouldn't be willis organising that would it? (i'm sure it was him that organised the last one i heard about, fark its been ages since i've seen him around OSB...)