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Learn to Ride my f***ing arse

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Gendrell, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. So I book the mandatory learn to ride course through the RTA, turn up at the appropriate time, register, etc etc. Got through all the basics fine. Had a little trouble controlling the bike around corners and I was a little heavy on the throttle, so they ask me to leave. Fair enough. I don't have enough experience to learn how to become a learner.

    Does anyone else see the problem here? The advice I got was to get lessons. I did some research and found out that I cant get LESSONS until I get my LICENCE. I can't get my LICENCE until I get LESSONS. I thought about this a lot, and spoke to my bike mentor, and my only option to learn to ride is to teach myself. So I will.

    I went to an auction yesterday and bought an ex-postie bike (Honda c110). So now, instead of getting proper teaching and instruction, I have to ride around the back streets of my suburb at night on an unregistered, uninsured bike with no licence. Learn to Ride my f***ing arse.


  2. Wow.. That's really weird.


    if you have never ridden a motorcycle before, and you just want to give it a try, or its been some time since you have ridden, this course is for you.

    Duration: 3.5 hours.

    Price: $55
    All prices include: bike hire, helmet, gloves and wet weather gear if needed on the day.


    * Correct mounting and starting procedure.
    * Location and operation of controls.
    * Maintaining balance.
    * Basic cornering & braking.
    * Walking the motorcycle.

    Introductory courses are held on selected days only, bookings essential.

    I know of at least 2 other places that have pre learner courses in Vic. Thing is, 99% of people should be able to achieve their learners in the L course/test even if they have never ridden before
  3. it sounds like you have a bad riding school giving you some duff advice. Ring the guys at HART. They know there stuff. Numbers on the honda web site or in the phone book.
  4. That's awful. RTA is Adelaide, right? Try a different office. A couple of my old workmates had massively varying experiences with their courses back there, all dependant on which office they went to. The one who went to a office in a posher area was fine, while one who went to the one out in Nourlunga/Christies Beach was treated like a dickhead.
  5. RTA is NSW only as far as I know. If you got through the basics fine, then you should have been fine. The worst they can do is fail you. Did they ask you to leave before failing? Where did you do this course? What exactly happened before they asked you to leave?
  6. Ask for your money back.
  7. You are in Sydney aren't you?

    Alright, the same thing happened to me when I first went for my L's, but they didn't kick me out, they just made me sit on a bike with the centre stand down and watch what was going on.

    Would've preferred being kicked out. One of the most belittling experiences of my life. "No, you're not even good enough to learn to ride!!!" :p

    Anyhoo, got my confidence up again, went back a couple of weeks later and aced it.

    They say that they have to stop people who aren't keeping up because it's a group thing and the instructors don't have time to help out the one's that are falling behind.


    Keep trying dude. :)
  8. When you say you were heavy on the throttle do you mean you were having trouble with throttle control? or were you opening it up a bit on purpose?

    The only reason i can see why they would ask you to leave is if you were being unsafe either to yourself or others.

    If thats not the case the i strongly suggest you ask for your money back and seek help elsewhere. There ARE places that will teach you and will be very helpful in the process. As long as you do what your asked to then you shouldhave no worries.

    As someone else said, try calling HART. I did my L's with them(in viccie though) and they were great. I imagine you would get the same service in NSW.
  9. Actually, when I did my Ls a couple of boys were asked not to come back for the 2nd day. Instructors said the only reason people are asked to leave is if they are a danger to themselves or other people....

    Don't let it get you down Gendrell! I'd say go to another centre next time. I went to Clyde, but they also have places at Botany and St Ives AFAIK.
  10. I’ve never really thought about someone with zero expereince on a motorcycle & how they would get riding on the road.

    Although it happened to me & just about everyone else who rides a motorcycle, generally speaking all of us started from zero at one point. It can be a long process, you don’t just do a lesson(s), get a licence, buy a bike & ride off.
  11. That is just crap.... Maybe it's RTA's latest trick to enforce the plan to get rid of all motorcycles??

    The whole idea is a pre-learners course... so that you get the skills to go and learn.

    Just to play devils advocate... you weren't pulling mono's and doing donuts were you??? :shock:

    The only way you get asked to leave the pre-learners down here is you really found it hard to do a particular task, even then you get to come back the next week for free, and they often invite you back after hours on a week night to get a bitter extra practise. Being only one contractor in Tas (stay upright) they don't have to go that far, but they do, and it's great :D

    Good Idea with the postie bike, but stay off the streets if you can, after all it's all slow speed stuff, should be able to do that in a back yard/park park.

  12. i did the pre-learner course in granville here in sydney! cool bunch there! i was abit touchy on the throttle without meaning to a cple of times and got warned: three strikes and your out.
    abit heavy i thought since i had never been on a bike but it straightened me out and i passed no probs. although if i was told to leave i'd kinda be pissed! anyhoo, they write the rules and it's for our benifit!
  13. Did my L's only yesterday, I have been riding a lot before so I had no problems passing, it was simply to bring me into line with the laws 8)

    I did the learner test with Armstrong's, 6 hour course that covered pretty much everything you mentioned and some other things besides. The instructors were pretty good, they sat down with us and just talked about how to survive on the roads, what the tricks are, etc. I can't even imagine them asking someone to leave, I went with a friend and she was quite sick and riding with a fever and she still passed. She was able to perform all the requirements she was just a bit slower than normal, when she stuffed something up they'd talk to her and help her through it and at the end of the day she was riding pretty good for someone with the flu :)

    I'd say that training centre just sucked, or you were declared a possible hazard to let on the roads.

    Btw I dunno how you can "over throttle" the crap bikes I was learning on, you rev the crap out of them and they go nowhere anyway :p
  14. In regards to the throttle even on the little cb's that i used to do the L's course the throttle can be quite touchy cause you are in 1st.
  15. Hrmmmm..Dunno about that, I was talking to a doctor friend of mine on Friday who was doing he pre learners at Deca. One of the ladies who was in her 60's managed to over throttle one of the bikes, lose control and ended up going through 2 wire fences knocking herself unconscious and ended up with a trip to the hospital! :shock:
  16. now that's talent :? I did my L's at armstrongs and they were fantastic, 2 guys failed the riding section and were allowed to sit it again that day, they then went on to fail the written component where they were asked to go home and study before trying again :roll:

    Gendrell can you give us more details on what let to you being given the boot?
  17. When I did my learners there were several people that had never been on a bike before and they passed their L's. I had never been on the road when I passed my L's and had only been on the bike off-road and up to 20-30kmph. I've now done close to 2500km in about ten weeks of riding. Can book in for P's in another few weeks...:)
  18. reply

    As I said in another post, learn to ride, control your bike etc in an industrial estate/car park/church yard/wherever. Get a friend to teach you. It's the only way.

    When my wife and daughter went for their L's they passed easy because they had about 20+ hrs of practice.

    They practised the drills and also plain riding, gears changes, turning with blinkers etc.

    I also put them through where and how/why things work, like brake light switch, clutch operation, tyre valves for pressure check and so on. (I also did that for their car licences too)

    Try it, it works. Then be confident of the testing procedure.

  19. Written component ? When I did my test at HART in St Ives Sydney they gave us a sheet to take home one night and fill out (they didn't expect you to do it though) no one did it and we went through it together anyway, as for the riding they didn't seem to care if people were a bit touchy on the throttle, I know I was but I think they are leanient since we ride around in first for the large part. Other than that one of the guys with me dropped his cb250 and still passed and my instructor told me they really only ask you to sit out if you endanger anyone or look uncontrollable. Sounds like you got a little bit jipped gendrell, how early on into the course did they ask you to sit out?
  20. When I did the L's test they told us that if we go over 20km once or go into third, we will be warned. If we do it again we will be sent home.
    Seems this may be what happened here?

    If they kicked you out due to having trouble with throttle/clutch control on starts thats just pathetic instruction from them. Probably not much you can do, have to pay another $60 and do it again, just dont go back to the same place.