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News Learn to Ride a Motorcycle with an English Accent

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Some of the local constabulary in the English town of Hampshire have decided to do their bit by creating and uploading some instructional videos as they tootle around town. While the videos aren’t going to teach you too many tricks if you’re an experienced rider, they’re no doubt something that would appeal to newer motorcyclists.

    It’s also wonderful to see local law enforcement taking a proactive role in motorcycle safety, rather than the usual reactive methods of fines and the like. At the moment there’s just two videos up – one titled Safe Urban Driving and the other Safe Urban Filtering. According to the channel, it features Police Motorcyclist Trainer, PC Roger Peskett, commenting on his route in an urban environment to identify hazards and give advice on filtering.

    Road Safety Sergeant Chris Appleby said: “We have identified three high risk groups of motorcyclists. These are leisure riders, commuters, and young scooter riders. Our priority still remains with leisure riders using high powered motorcycles on rural roads; however there is an emerging risk for commuter riders or urban motorcyclists as they choose bikes as a preferred travelling option.

    “We’ve therefore created a short video for safe urban riding from a police motorcycle trainer view and highlighted what hazards riders need to be aware of and how to reduce the risks associated with riding in urban areas.”

    Source: Motorbike Times

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  2. Oh dats bleed'n luvley dat is!