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Learn to race

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jdaley, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. I am just testing the waters at the moment with an idea. I would like to know if Netriders are interested in getting involved in this program to learn race craft and a safe and exciting format.
    This is all only in the planning stage at this time but fedback is most welcome.
    XXXXXRACE is an exciting new development in Motorcycle sport.
    It’s purpose is to provide a platform to encourage and develop riders and teams in all aspects of Motorcycle Road racing, with solos or sidecars, including racecraft, preparation teamwork in a safe environment.
    XXXXXRACE has grown from the old B and C grade race meetings promoted at the State Motorcycle Complex at Broadford by the Road Race Management Committee of Victoria.
    With modern, historic, fun classes and junior classes XXXXXRACE will provide economical racing with coaching, mentoring and opportunities for racers to learn in an environment that is free of “A” Graders, on bikes you may already own.
    XXXXXRACE will be promoted as a place to start racing motorcycles.
    If you want to just try racing try .XXXXXRACE

  2. Hey John, if you drop one of the Xs, you might be able to get sponsorship from 'that' beer company!!

    Pardon a NSW question, but does the old D, C, B and A grade system not prevail in Vic any more?

    The D grade and Club Race format here in NSW was very structured and successful, and produced Wayne Gardner and heaps of others.......
  3. i would be interested mate,it seems like i need to improve my skill level.PM with info if u can
  4. With the demise of the RB Imports series in NSW for 2006, this might be a viable alternative for NSW riders who are increasingly finding it hard to get club races.

    I am assuming this actually involves racing and not just skills training???
  5. yeah, i'm interested :D doubt if i can afford to try racing, but i'd like to find out more anyways :LOL:
  6. :eek: I'd like to find out more about this too.
  7. yep would like to see some details
  8. I'm in the same boat as Mr Nuts. Curiousity and most likely a view for presuing it when the finances are a little more lively.
  9. If you want to learn to race and actually get a competition licence on a minimum budget, buckets are as cheap as it gets. They are an absolute BLAST. Its amazing how much more you will learn, actually racing a 100cc bucket, than on a Fireblade at a track day. On a bucket its ALL about skill and racecraft. I still have a run on a bucket at 56yo. I don't win, but I don't come last either.....yeeeeehhaaaaaa

  10. yeh details all around thanks :D
  11. Thanks for the fedback I shall keep you all posted.
    The D, Cand B grade does still apply but the current meetings have had low attendance for a variety of reasons.
    We are trying to repackage and old idea to encourage more to participate.
    We are looking at new / old calses that are not currently encouraged and other things that make people want to come and play.
    We dont know whether to stay with 1 day race meetings or extend them to two day?
    Feedback would be great.
    Maybe list some of your questions or wants and I shall try and answer them.
  12. I prefer one day's, since most aren't an easy ride from home. Multi days means you only go for one day, or pay out for accom etc. Harder to get a leave pass for multi days too.
  13. Do you cater to women? Wouldn't mind bit more detail too :)
  14. I'm assuming gender is not an issue but cost would be my main prohibitive factor also a 1 day would be easier to arrange child care unless you're kind enough to arrange it on my kfwe & some nice local will put me up overnight!
  15. We dont differentiate between the genders.
    Camping at the track is available.

    We believe if people want to go racing they need to organise their own accommodation and leave passes, racers need to be organised so that may be part of the procedure.
    It takes us two days to ensure everything is in place to take the sidecars out. Making sure all is ok with the machine, fluids changed, tools all accounted for and fuel ready. Then the safety, sleeping gear and food.
    I am aware solos are a bit easier but the effort and planning is essential.

    I shall publish more details about the proposals when they are finalised, but currently the existing B and C grade meetings are still running and contact MV on 9482 5422 for details.
    Thanks for the feedback so far.
  16. You're not wrong there incitatus,and bucket racing is definately in need of an influx of new competitors.

    Give it a try folks!
  17. The plan under consideration may include the following extra classes in addition to those currently run. Subject to agreement.
    Buckets, Moto lites
    Chook Chasers
    Some Historics or the older post 1980 machines currently not really covered at meetings.

    We may be able to run a two day meeting structured in such away that some clases would run both days with points scoring, and the other classes would only have points scoring for Sundays races.

    The points would lead to a Championship over say two meetings.

    That way very keen riders get a two day race meeting, others can use the Sat. as practise for Sunday, and those who cannot get two days off still will have a full race program on Sunday.
    Perhaps we could even run a practise session at the end of Sat. racing for those who cant attend all day Saturday.

    With planning we could run a championship for some of the more popular classes that interstaters would come to over the two days.

    Do you think it has merit?