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Leaner rider survives King Lake

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AFX, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. I saw a total of 5 motorbikes on this road on Sunday.

    I pulled over on one of the shoulders and snapped a few pics of my bike.


    I know there was a thread about King Lake recently but I didn't find it overly difficult. I wasn't trying to break the land speed record and I was on a two fiddy (still breaking the engine in), so that helps. I also had about $6000 worth of camera equipment strapped to my back so I was riding at a rather sedate pace, taking in the view.

    I started from the base, worked my way up until I got to the roundabout and went back down again. I admit I was going a bit faster on the way down. :wink:

    I've driven down this road in my cage before and I remember how narrow it was. On a bike it doesn't feel as bad though I came across a couple of cars who thought this was a two lane road. :shock:
  2. This would have to be the beginning of my most favourite peice of bitumen ever!!! I make regular visits up there (4 - 5 times a week) I cant get enough of it.. :D :D :D :D
  3. 'Leaner Rider'? You saying us larger folk wouldn't survive it :shock:

    Nah just funnin', they're nice pics mate.
  4. Good on you Manny. See, as I said on Sunday there's no reason why a learner shouldn't do it as long as they ride at their own pace. You'll get a lot of cars over the line up there but it happens on most twisties and anyone with a brain sees the lane width on the Kinglake Rd and drops the speed factor in responce. :)
  5. I'd love to be a leaner rider; I must stay away from Maccas as the start of ride days!!

    Just kidding too, good pics!!
  6. even more interesting than the king lake thing.... someone with a richard d james photo.... mate aphex twin rocks... have you heard the dillinger escape plan version of come to daddy??? it's fair tight, weird but tight, and have ya got the come to daddy vid? i'll send it... if you happen to know if theres a didgeridoo one tell me.
  7. Spelling mistaques on this fourum are im memoree of Groberts. Show sum respekt! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. ey shawny, youse woodent hapin 2 b tayckin thu pis wood u?
  9. flexorcist I saw Aphex and Luke Vibert live a couple of years ago and I thought they were amazing! My only regret is that I missed a Squarepusher gig when he was in town because he does some awesome live sets.

    I love all the Warp Records stuff. Do you listen to Boards Of Canada?

    I also keep up to date with Family Guy episodes. :)
  10. Deleted my first double post.
  11. That's what I get for drinking on a work night. Damn keyboard! :LOL:
  12. I don't joke, funny boy. It's a sacred topic. :evil:



    .................................................... :rofl:
  13. Definately one of my favourite roads. I will crash and die on it before i get sick of it. :grin:

    Every time I do it I feel like a better rider afterwards. Its amazing what a 100 foot drop on one side can do for the learning process. The crash option just isnt there so you kinda have to stay upright, if that makes sense.

    With advice like that, its any wonder i didn't become an instructor. :wink:

    The good stuff:

    What happens when ya make an error in judgement......or ya try and change a CD in ya cage while driving through there:


  14. Hey AFX, I passed you twice on Sunday while you were taking photos. Once on the way up and once on my way down.

    Glad you enjoyed the road. I think its great :grin:
  15. Hey Tiga I did notice a female rider going past while I was taking photos.

    Heading out there again on Sat with another Hyosung rider, hopefully the weather will be just as good as Sunday's. :)

    I'll also be going on the mystery ride tomorrow. This will be my first group ride so hopefully it turns out to be a good night.
  16. I'm not to keen on the Hyosung but that's one nice looking bike AFX. How much did you pay? Would have been a good option instead of my GPX when I was learning.
  17. IMO Kinglake is good for learners in that the corners are slow and tight - catering for smaller bikes. I reckon I might have been quicker through there on the GPX than I'm am on my current bike: lighter bike with softer suspension that can handle the rough roads through the area!

    It's a good fun road as long as you're not hanging your head over the middle line. Gotta watch out for knobs running wide though. :p
  18. No wonder you were so fast through there when we rode it with Paul and Dave.
  19. They're still going for about $7200. Everyone seems to have an opinion on how much you should be paying for a 250 and I'm not going to start that argument again. I'm happy with the bike and at the end of the day that's all that counts. :)