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Lean Angle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Quick question, assuming sitting straight up on a bike and no shifting around for a corner, does a bikes lean angle correspond to a certain centripetal accel. value? this would seem to make sense, but...

    I feel that in faster corners, while the lean angle is less, the amount of acceleration acting is greater then in tighter corners

    Can someone help?
  2. You have just opened the gates of hell...

    Calling all Anorak wearing Netriders. Your pi$$poor physics knowledge is required.
  3. What? In English please :LOL:
  4. Pi.

    the answer is Pi.

  5. Spanner monkey read this channel (Technical and troubleshooting TorQUe)
    Have you tried using a 3A fuse ?
  6. Yes, because the centripetal acc'n has to balance the weight of the bike at that angle. This assumes a steady state of cornering and therefore no gyroscopic effect from turning in to the corner.
    Go to Canberra and try it on some different sized roundabouts!
  7. I think the powerband needs adjusting...
  8. Pretty much the same Lilley.
  9. Yes.

    I know it doesn't feel that way, with grazing footrests feeling a whole lot more ambitious on a 120 km/h bend than a 25 km/h T-junction, but the maths says it is, at least in theory. I suspect that various real world effects make marginal differences though.
  10. Lilley,

    As Nibor has correctly stated, it is indeed a function of 'pi', which, with further breakdown of a particular formula (keeping it simple) becomes :

    (equation for centripetal acceleration)

    ar = v2 / r

    Where ar is centripetal acceleration(which points toward the circular path during your turn), v is velocity in meters per second, and r is the radius of the circle in meters.

    Try and see it in another form. Take a roller-coaster ride for example, which follows the same principle of physics..

    The higher a train’s velocity, the greater the centripetal acceleration. The smaller the curve of the path being traveled, the greater the centripetal acceleration. Because of this, many high-speed roller coasters use banked turns rather than the flat ones that are safe for slower speeds. Banking the turns in a roller coaster gives you the feeling of being pushed into your seat rather than being thrown to the side of the car.

    Putting it basically, otherwise it can get very detailed. Moral of the story ? Take those corners on your bike like you just stole the thing :cool:

    Safe, happy riding to you.

  11. +1. I just hope FALCON LORD doesn't find this.

    If I coud lock this thread now I would. God help us all :roll:
  12. It depends on whether clutchless shifting damages your gearbox.
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  14. Sorry about my earlier post, after re-reading the OP I'm almost certain its the thronomister.
  15. :LOL:

    *sits back*
  16. yeah but first you have to sway side-to-side in your lane to warm up your tires.

    Also, check your fuel lines for brake fuild around the battery terminals after getting cut off by an inconsiderate car driver which was the first you've ever seen on your daily commute noting how cold it was just before you tried to think of something to do while waiting at the traffic lights moments before you realised your bike won't set off the traffic light sensor while your iPod was damaging your hearing making you not hear the cop bike siren which was and was not unmarked on the road you commute on that has some great twisties that you were on over the weekend which made you drop your bike and lose your key to start looking for a new insurance policy that is better value for money on those premium tires that everyone uses on their heated grips which may connect to the slipping clutch cable that releases the seat latch which as first mentioned, may block your fuel line.

    Good luck.

  17. at least this shows your hyo it still running. or are you pushing it ?. :p
  18. well played. sorry i just read it again..
  19. Hey, we could shut down 99% of this site, save lots of time and trouble and just leave far-canel's last post up as a sticky in every forum. No-one need post ever again!
  20. oh, he is funny. :soapbox: