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Leaky rear tyre makes fife sound when inflating

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Donmotorcyclemaniac, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. My rear tyre's air pressure drops to a low level within 24 hours.

    When inflating my slow leaking rear tyre at the station it makes an unusual fife like sound. The front non leaking tyre does not make this noise.

    I suspect the fife sound is air escaping from the bead since there is no apparent holes or bubbles in the tyre or valve stem when covered in soapy water.

    Has anyone experienced strange noises when inflating tubeless tyres?

    On an unrelated note here is my new light weight centre stand.
    2016-03-10 13.22.24.
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    High tensile pine?

    Have you tried spraying the rim with soapy water to confirm if that is the leak?
  3. Bit of grit between bead and rim? I don't think you'll solve it without demounting the tyre, or at least fully immersing it.
  4. When it was pumped up today I could not get bubbles at the rim but earlier this week when the air pressure was low I was able to force the bead away from the rim enough to form bubbles. I did not think this was significant at the time.

    Hmmm... not looking forward to that.

    I've got about 2,000km on the tyre before it started losing pressure. I'll take another look at it.
  5. If you can't handle the job yourself ,take it to the man and get it checked and re seated.
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  6. Yep it is leaking near the rim. I pumped this up at the station and put it in the bath it has lots of bubbles where the tire meets the rim.
    2016-03-16 17.24.36.
    I might need to get some sort of sealant or buy an air compressor so I don't have to do daily trips to the gas station.
  7. Just get some drums and start your own fife and drum corps :)
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  8. or... take it to a tyre shop so they can unmount, clean it, see why it's not sealing, then mount properly....

    or you could stick silicone on it..... err

    besides.. you don't even know if the bubbles from the side are the cause of the original deflation, or it is actually punctured/busted, and the rim leak is from when you squeezed it..

    go get a pro to check it for you. the tyre itself may be munted
  9. If you've gone to the trouble of taking the wheel off to put it in the bath, you've done half of what is required already. Just take it to someone and get it re-mounted. The cost will be comparable to buying the goop and stuffing around with it, and it may not actually fix the problem. They will be able to see whether there is a reason for the poor seal, and sort it.

    Buying an air compressor to deal with this would be overkill.
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  10. Stop fcuking around and as said before take it to the man.
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