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Leaky battery

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Tiga, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Ok, it's been at least two weeks since I've had a mechanical problem (probably 'cause I've been away from the bike for two weeks) so here's my issue of the day.

    I think my battery has leaked while I was away. Some acid has leaked onto the bike frame and I found a very small pool of fluid under the battery itself. The bike is running fine and it doesn't appear to be leaking any more. What is likely to have 'caused the leak and do i need to replace the battery?
  2. Could it be coolant as apposed to battery acid? A coolant leak from a loose hose or overflow is much more common than a leaky battery?
  3. if it was battery acid and you havent ben near the bike for a few weeks ..... and it also got onto the frame ......... you would sure know about it ... if its painted ...it would have eaten all the paint off .. if its alloy it will have a very dull white appearance.. if you find its acid .. chean the bike well ... get the electrics checked and i would say ditch the battery
  4. Maybe ashes, there is a little clear (overflow like??) hose that comes out sort of above where the corrosion has occured. I guessed battery 'cause one of the bolts under the battery (also over the affected area) has corroded and the battery was sitting in a very little bit of fluid
  5. Yep, the frame has gone really dull white where it was dripped on
  6. pull the battery out and give the bike a good wash .... its to late to prevent whats already been done .. but u may wash out /off acid thats seeped into places you cant see ... get it checked by an aoto elec: and get the to check the battery too ...

    gee girl you must have killed a mechanic in a past life ..poor bugga
  7. :-$ shhhhh.....

    You'll blow my cover :wink:

    Pete doesn't need to know about that
  8. Sounds like it is just 1 thing after another with that bike.
    If it is acid make sure you claen the area well, if it has eaten through the paint you will have to reprime the affected area.
    And i would personal dicth the battery, just to be on the safe side.
  9. Some batteries do have an overflow tube to allow for expansion in hot weather, the leak could simply have been the result of a fairly high fluid level combined with the recent hot weather (tube should be positioned so that it doesn't drip on anything important but they can move). Of course it could also mean the battery case is cracked so it'll still need to be checked.
  10. Check length of overflow hose. It should really go down close to ground to avoid splash onto frame.

    Acid in way of powdery stuff can be killed with dishwash detergent. Acid-alkaline. Remember that from school? Wash thoroughly asap. If bolts on battery corroded, remove, get stainless bolts and apply an electrical or anto corrosion type grease before reconnecting.

    Make sure you disc neg (-) first and reconnect neg last.
  11. Got a new battery yesterday, it's now all connected and bike's running just fine.

    Thanks to Pete the Pom for taking time out on a public holiday to check it out properly :)

    Unfortunately, as already pointed out there's not much I can do about the white marks on the frame. Though I guess I was lucky that no paintwork was affected.