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Leaking out the spokes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Dog3oy, May 1, 2005.

  1. Riding home friday and anther rider pointed out by rear was a little flat, this would explain the sluggy feeling. put some air in and got it home. Today i went to have a good look at it and found a nail in the tred... purchased a tyre repair kit fixed the hole, pumped it up and went for a ride .... happy camper...

    BUT wait

    turned to go home found tyre going flat again, service station, air and then home.

    looking at the tyre i could hear a hissing and traced it to a spoke in the rear tyre

    tried to tighten / loosen the spoke and the air comming out would slow but not stop, the spoke looks a little bent but hard to notice.

    Now sitting in garage slowly leaking

    ANY ADVICE ????

  2. From your post I take it that it is a tubed tyre. I would be off with wheel, off with the tyre and be looking at the inside of the rim and matching that against where the hole is in the tube.

  3. so if i fill the tyre with aerosol repair i should be able to get it somewhere to have the tyre fixed. there is no way I'm pulling the rear off my bike. I'm not that mechanically minded :)
  4. I wouldn't advise the aerosol on a tubed trye. It probaly won't seal and it will make a big mess of the inside of the tyre. Which will probably end up costing you more.

    Some shops will remove the rear tyre for you, but you should give it a go yourself. It's only a few bolts. the biggest hassle is the link in the chain. Sometimes they are fiddly to get back on.