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leaking fuel

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jack_17, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. i had my internet d.c - it is back on now, during this time i bought a 1992 zzr250 for $3000and i love it untill i went to go for my first ride and found fuel dripping :( from ze bike at about 1 drip per 3/4 sec. the bike is in top condition had alot done to it and the guy/wanker?? told me there no leaks etc. i am a noob and dont knowif this a common problem that can be fixed easily or if its more serious. Any help would be appreciated i realy want to go for a ride but am unsure if it will make it worse.

  2. First ride? Did you fill the tank to the top before you left? If yes then probably the overflow and nothing at all to worry about.

    Any other fuel dripping is a problem however so find the leak and fix it. Likely to be a dodgy hose, clamp or conection and can be easily fixed in two mins. Don't sweat about it. :D
  3. The leak could also be the result of the drain valve on one of the carbies being slightly open.
  4. theres half a tank so ill take the fairing of and have a good look
  5. If you don't feel confident removing the parts necessary to get the tank off, see if any N/R members live around your area and ask them for help. I'd tip that it's not a serious issue, just something loose, perished hose or something like that.
  6. not happy. bike is refusing to start :(
  7. Mmmm, shop time, methinks.
  8. maybe fuel is not going where its supposed to? i can see a leak from the thingy thats connected to the fuel reserve switch does that mean anything?
  9. Nothing that's connected to the tank should be leaking.

    From memory, the zzr's a closed system that needs pressure to work properly. If you've got a leak, that explains the leak, and if air is getting to the system through a damaged pipe, then that could explain why it won't start.
  10. That's brilliant logic! Where did you go to school? ](*,) :LOL: :LOL:

    Jack_17, if there's a leak from the thingy, repalce it. If the thingy you are talking about is a hose, take it into Autobarn and by some new hose the same, a couple of clams and put it where the old hose was.

    If the thingy is not a hose, I'd need a better description or you could take it to a bike shop.

    Not starting is most likely because the bike's now getting no fuel into the system or because it's all leaked onto the floor. No puddle....assume the former. :D
  11. This is turning into a great thread.

    now about those clams seany?
  12. Simple, on the off chance that they've rum out of hose clamps, I finf that you can catch some clams and put them on instead. Just give the shell a tap and they close around the hose nice and tight. :LOL: :LOL:

    Either I can't spell or I can't type, the choice is yours. :roll:

  13. Try draining the rum and replacing it with petrol........
  14. You failed entirely to read my post properly. If there is a AIR leak in the fuel system, the fuel will not deliver properly to the engine and will leak out.

    I might add that, at least I kept on the topic and didn't start talking about shellfish halfway through my post!!!

    :roll: :roll:

    That's a good candidiate for the "Lost Consonants" thread!!!

  15. I knew what you meant, but I just couldn't help myself. :wink:

    Shellfish may be off topic, but they are yummy. :D

    Yes, you can add my typing to the list. :D
  16. The addition of the smileys means that you are forgiven...

    And, yes, shellfish (especially crab) is yummy.
  17. :D SAVIOUR :D i managed to get a mates mates uncles cousins sons friend yadda yadda yadda, u get my point :!:, to look at my bike on wednesday!
    :) :D
  18. good to hear mate. Remember to tell us how it turns out. :D