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leaking Fuel tank

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by littleal, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. G'day all,
    I've just found a leak in my tank,the bike in question is a 1992 el 250 kwaka.
    Being a GREEN learner ,i might describe it wrong ,
    the leak is under the locating lug on the left hand side,where it goes onto the frame.
    Question is which way is it to repair it???????
    I have done the wrecker search & the e-bay thing, no success.
    Any ideas on which way is the best to go??
    I have been told about a 3 part system, ??????

    Thanks in advance
    little al
  2. If its just a hole in the tank there is a product called quick steel

    Read the instructions and follow them - its simple if you follow the instructions and sells for under 10 bucks.
  3. You can also try KREEM fuel tank repair, basically it's a series of chemicals which wash out the tank then line it with a plastic-like material. Around $60-$80, but rare to find at bike shops these days (basically ring around until you find someone who has it or can order it).
  4. some trade paint places will stock the repair kit.

    I had the same problem i used quicksteal but about 30% of it came of after a few weeks.

    What worked better was sanding splinting the whole with a washer or spare wire then quicksteal over that.

    If u find the repair kits they are much better. I sanded the area on the outside and just applied the resin over the outside of the tank. cause i was too lazzy to do it properly. Works well and easy plus u dont have to buy the other 2 chemicals.
  5. A place like Autobarn have a few different products. I was dead broke, filled up my 22 lt tank with the last of my money in order to get through the half-week before pay day, figuring I'd eat noodles in the meantime, and that very day, my tank developed a leak and I started losing all that precious petrol! Borrowed $10 to buy the cheapest stuff - that temporary putty (as opposed to the $30 mesh stuff) - and never had to replace it, was fine.

    I take it there's a possibility of rust being the problem, or somehow present? That's why others have suggested that treatment. If you're not sure, at least cut the fuel line to the carburetor, and put in a fuel filter ($5 at the bike shop). I had a rusty Kwaka tank, and never any running problems, another friend had it cause problems on her Kwaka GPX250 to the point of needing to replace it. Kawasaki tanks - both metal and paint - are not, or at least were not, up to the standards of other brands, from what I see and hear.

  6. good advice, I always install a filter.

    Nah, they all do it eventually.
    why i hear you ask,becausr it was underneath the locating lug,1 go around
    the back,2the sides ,3 the inside.
    then had to sand alittle to allow the tank to pick the rubber lug,
    anyway it was with the QUICKSTEEL,

    Many thanks for your advice.
    pss,the fuel filter idea was in my head already ,the bike is going in for a tuneup next monday ,i will get him to put one on!!!!!!!!!1

    little al