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Leaking Fork Seal

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mexiwi, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. So been away for a couple weeks, bike has been tucked up in bed in the garage.

    Home now - so decided to take the bike to the accountant, better than the car, then went for a quick lap around the Brisbane Ranges afterwards :)

    As I was putting the bike away I noticed a fluid stain on the garage floor under where the front end was parked.

    Had a ferret around and the LH fork is leaking :( Now the bike is a 2009 but with only 18,000kms on it.

    So, first question - can I still ride it? Second, is it likely to be a seal, or just some crap in it? I won't have to tooling probably to change it, and haven't got a front stand.

    I will have a read of the service manual.

  2. most likely some shit in the seal, there is a thread somewhere on here on how to get it out
  3. A seal saver may do the trick. As it happens that nice Doug chap who swears a lot lent me one at Sat practice, I'm bringing it back this Sat. It's a flat thin plastic thing with a hook shape on the end. Slide in past seal. drag offending crap out, simples.
  4. Depends how much it is leaking. Too much leak and apart from having no/inadequate suspension, you risk getting oil over your disks. that can get interesting
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  5. Make your own seal saver out of either a ice cream container lid or plastic peanut butter container and see if that works
  6. I shall experiment with giving it a cleanout
  7. The plastic of the "sealsaver" is a lot thinner, mor akin to 35mm film, be careful.

    You can borrow mine at practice.......
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  8. Thanks Doug

    I will be going past a couple bike shops today in my travels so will see if anyone has one, AMX sometimes has random things like those.

    Otherwise Saturday practice it is.
  9. How did you get a fluid stain from the forks, on right way up forks? If the fork is leaking, you will see a smear and a ring on the slider.

    I'm betting it came from somewhere else.
  10. What way up is the right way?

    Leaking down the leg from the seal area - see the pic.


    I found a seal tool at AMX - bit flasherer than the seal mate but it looks like it has done the job


    This is the shit that came out

  11. your forks are right way up (as opposed to Up Side Down).

    and, yes I can see from the photo they were leaking. Let's hope you fixed the problem.

    You might want to check the fork oil level if they were leaking enough to drip on the floor. When was the last time the fork oil was changed. 18Mm is a lot on the original oil (although it looks pretty clean on your finger).
  12. Book says 459ml in each fork - so there probably hasn't been much of that come out.

    I bought the bike with 6000kms on it in January - I haven't changed the fork oil.

    What is the recommended interval for fork oil?

    There is nothing in my service manual about it that I can see.
  13. As the owner/rider of a dirt bike, I swear by the Seal Doctor! Expensive for what they are (a bit of moulded plastic), but an excellent tool nonetheless. I use mine regularly after dirt riding and it has cured minor weeping several times.

  14. It should be on the lists for one of the services. I do mine roughly annually (about 14Mm) and it's pretty thin and black when it comes out. Makes a big difference to handling when I've got fresh oil in it.

    If I were you, I'd run for a bit to see if you've fixed the seal. find out what the service interval is, with a view to getting it done.

    Of course, if the seal is busted, then get both seals changed and get fresh oil at the same time.
  15. The front forks are down as inspect at 12,000kms.

    All the other fluids are listed, clutch, brake, coolant, oil. Just not fork oil.
  16. OK fork oil is changed when the forks are serviced. Did you have yours serviced at 12Mm? If so, then it should be fine.
  17. Did the 12,000 service myself and didnt change it - I checked for leaks and scratches and stuff like the book said

  18. so 5 years old and 18Mm. I'd change it. Ride for a bit and see if you've fixed the seal first.
  19. Yeah, time is as much of a factor with fluids as distance travelled. You get moisture working its way in and stuff (even if the bike is never touched by unpleasant weather).
  20. Probably an irrelevant thread after yesterday ;-)
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