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Leaking exhaust pipe on spada

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ljiljan, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. I've got an exhaust pipe that is either cracked or has a dodgy joint coming from the rear cylinder of the spada. It's been there for a while but being able to hear it over wind and music while out today has got me motivated to at least consider it.

    Will it cause any problems if I just leave it as is? Can't really think of much other than perhaps a bit of back pressure on the rear cylinder exhaust, and I don't half mind the sound half bad either. Also the bike seems to be burning a bit of oil - not blowing smoke or anything, but just a progressive drop in level. I can't see how the two relate in any way whatsoever, but is there some way the pipe could be causing it?


  2. Using oil but no smoke? Have you checked your coolant? Pop the radiator cap off and have a look. Tell us what you see.
  3. had a quick look this morning, appears to be coolant there, at least there appears to be some sort of dark substance near the top.
  4. radiator is full, but of water, not coolant. will that be an issue?
  5. water shouldn't be an issue although caution kicks in and I would encourage you to put in coolant. Dark substance floating in the water? sounds to me we have found where your oil is going :S

    I wouldn't have thought that this would have anything to do with your exhaust... Not sure where to start on how the oil is getting into the cooling system... maybe a crack in the engine/coolant pipe? although logic would say that the coolant would be more likely to get into the engine as opposed to the other way around...
  6. Does the oil stop dropping at a certain point?

    There is a valve that will spit oil out if there is too much in there. I had a bike that would be filled up to the "max" line but it would spit out oil until it reached a certain point below that line.
  7. Definitely put in coolant. Plain water will dissolve your engine fairly rapidly.

    If there was oil in the water, I'd expect water in the oil too, resulting in a buttery build up on the inside of the filler cap. It's perfectly possible for an engine to digest a certain quantity of oil without noticeably smoking. Anything up to half a litre in maybe 1500kms won't show much smoke.

    As to your original exhaust query, unless it's a huge hole, it won't affect the engine much. It takes a pretty big exhaust leak to lean the mixture off noticeably. A bit of popping and banging on the overrun is possible. Depending on where the hole is, the hot exhaust gases may act as a blowtorch and enlarge it, and the hot gases leaking out may burn/melt/otherwise destroy anything they blow onto. Wiring or bodywork for example. In particular, if it's the head-pipe joint, the leak may erode the sealing surface in the port to the extent that you'll never get it to seal again without remachining the surface.

    Worth fixing if you possibly can.
  8. Is this the same spada that ended up in a ditch?
  9. Yes, and hence the problem is problem is more or less null and void. Thanks for reply though pat.