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SA Laws pertaining to mirrors?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RRdevil, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. So bike looks 100000 x better with no mirrors on it. Anyone got any idea of the law in SA

  2. SA just refers you to the ADRs applicable for the year of the bike.


    A motorcycle manufactured before July 1975 must be fitted with at least one rear vision mirror that allows the driver to clearly see the road behind, and any following or overtaking vehicle.
    A motorcycle manufactured after June 1975 must be fitted with two rear vision mirrors. Both mirrors must have be either flat or convex glass with the convex mirrors having a radius of at least 1.2 metres.
    These mirrors must be fitted symmetrically on the motorcycle and allow the driver to clearly see the road behind, and any following or overtaking vehicle.
  3. Cheers so small bar ends are not out as long as they are symmetrical and can view 1.2 m radius. Well may as well try be legal but make it look tough at the same time
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    There's a little more to it (buried in the 2006 amendment), regarding the actual size of each mirror.

    So for circular ones, each mirror has to be between 94mm and 150mm in diameter.

    Which is annoying because CRG's Hindsight mirrors are about 75mm if I remember rightly.
  5. The likelihood of a copper knowing the exact size requirment would be rather random. I'd take that risk. Plus wouldn't be throwing the old away anyway so if it got questioned would reinstate the old ones. Cheers for the extra tip though
  6. Yeah, FWIW I've never been given any attention for the Hindsight mirrors even though they're a whisker under-size.
  7. http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2006L02663

    Yes, you need them. On any recentish bike you need two of them. They have to be of a particular size and give a specified field of vision. No, they don't have to be what Mr Honda (or whoever) fitted.
  8. Nitekreeper collects them