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Laws on riding out of restriction, and without helmet?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Guest, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Hey guys

    Im new here, from Melbournes western suburbs. I am really looking forward to catching up and coming riding. I just got a new BMW (even though I have only just come off my L's) I traded up from my scooter that I was commuting on daily to work. Can anyone tell me what would happen if I am caught riding my bike while on restrictions? Ive heard varying stories from different people.

    Also what are the consequences for riding without my helmet? I ride about 4Km down the road to the Altona shops without my helmet and my friends say that it is only about a $50 fine if I get caught? Is this true? Does anyone else ride without their helmet to the shops down the street? If so have you been caught and what was the penalty?

    Thanks heaps for all your help

    Cant wait to come riding with you all soon

  2. yeah.. ive gone to the shops with out my helmet.. went in my boxers only once... no shoes nothing.. was pretty cool
  3. Why would you want to ride without a helmet to begin with???

    Did you not see the thread recently with all the disturbing footage?
  4. its a pain in the ass to put it on, ride for 2 mins, then take it off, put it back on, ride for 2 mins again, take it off...
  5. Each to their own...

    I guess I think someone having to scrape my brains up off the road and try to pop them back in my head whould be a bigger pain in the ass.
  6. not gona come off... and if i do, thats there problem... im not gona particually care at that point
  7. And what about my taxes subsidising the medical system that has to try to fix you up after that? :wink: Someone I know recently came off his bike with an open face helmet and is in lots of strife - it just is not worth the risk. Face versus bitumen - never a fair competition.
  8. i pay taxes to... well sometimes.. see if that guy u kno had no helmet, he wouldnt be in that postion..n he shouldnt have come off in the 1st place
  9. Accidents happen anytime anywhere my advice would be to wear the helmet.
    As for the restrictions on a bigger bike think this has been covered a few times so the information should be somewhere on here :).
  10. I think my own taxes cover my hospital care? oh and dont forget all those speeding tickets I have contributed for the government to raise revenue. I`m sure they would cover my hospital bills aswell.
  11. Ahhh, you can see the future?

    Could I have next weeks powerball numbers please?
  12. i wouldn't worry jojo he's more likely to be dead than injured coming off without a helmet. i tip my hat to you warrior for sparing the community of your potential rehab costs, good work :wink:
  13. Re: Helmets??


    I'm new to this forum. I just bought myself a new top-fuel drag bike even though I was just born yesterday and traded up from my womb. Are there any consequences if I ride the thing at over 500km/hr or is that cool in your opinions? I think I'll be doing all that while wearing a beanie over my eyes and my head up my ar5e. Has anyone here been caught with their head up their own ar5e? How did your riding go, and what was the smell like?

    Can't wait to crash into one of you guys soon.

  14. If you were that concerned about not being a debt to the communities health care costs would you ride a motorcycle in the first place?

    Should those of us who are concerned about the drain put on the taxes they pay not be wrapped in cotton wool and never leave the front door?
  15. Helmets.... The only time I have ever ridden without a helmet is when some schlub cut the strap and took it off the helmet lock...

    I was pulled over by our local boys in blue... I showed them the cut strap with the D rings attached and they just told me to ride home and be careful... as if I wouldn't.

    I figure it, its like Darwins Theory of natural selection.... The stoopid and lame will come to grief way before the intelligent and fit.... so let them remove themselves from the human genepool and this will cause our collective IQ to be higher.

    Me, I am a Helmet, jacket, gloves, boots kind of guy.
  16. no helmet?

    thats fine, ill even help scrape you off the road, if its too much of a pain in the arse then u shouldnt be riding.

    squiding is one thing, each to there own, but no helmet is just stupidity

    do u not wear a seatbelt when u get into a car?

    im not wishing you crash and come off, but i do hope u learn ur lesson

    i wear helmet/jacket/gloves whether its 1min or 10hours of riding, acidents happen anytime, anywhere, anyhow, remember that
  17. Re: Helmets??

    hey mate, just dont risk it, i got pulled up last week and was given a $524 fine for unlicenced driving. even though i have my bike p's. it aint worth it. in the process of trying to get the fine changed but i'll see how i go.
  18. Same here, only time ive ridden without one was when someone flogged mine up the street and i rode to the closest bike joint to grab a new one.

    To be honest i found it really uncomfortable, but if you wanna do it i dont really give a fcuk.
  19. I rode for awhile in South East Asia without a helmet... I didnt have much of a choice at the time... Hey, I fully admit what a loser i was then for not wearing one. I wouldnt even think twice these days about not putting on a helmet, even to ride 50m down the road.
  20. the helmet is the only legal requirement of riding a motorcycle...

    seriously man, if u can't even be bothered getting dressed, at least be bothered putting the helmet on...

    but i dont' think anyone here has been fined for not wearing a helmet?

    or wouldn't openly admit to it... *eyes everyone off*