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Laws for US and THEM

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by removed-6, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Isn't it 45 and over?
  2. I would be pretty sure the cop reduced the ticket to 43kph over to keep it under the "45kph and over" penalties.

    But hey its Mark Waugh, I can handle a little bit of preferable treatment for him
  3. pffft, 45 isn't even a half century :LOL:
  4. What a crok of shit and what an example of bullshit from the court.Its just not cricket :evil: Any one who is booked in nsw should use this as an example in defence.Why is his job anymore important than anyone elses :evil: :twisted:

  5. clearly there must be more to this story, because as we all know, if he was he would be dead and so would 17 mothers with prams.

    If every 5km/hr doubles you chances of having an accident, would i be right in saying he was 900 times more likely to crash? Bloody hoon, they should crush his car into a cube*

    *hehehe, reminds me of that simpsons episode;

    "Here are your messages: 'You have thirty minutes to move your car.' 'You have ten minutes to move your car.' 'Your car has been impounded.' 'Your car has been crushed into a cube.' 'You have thirty minutes to move your cube.'" -- Homer Simpson
  6. More to this story is irrelivent he was doing the crime and he should be treated as anyone else and loose his licence at least.And who cares what fujitsu man says as a character whitness he cant even say fujutsu :p I say fcuk off and its bullshit :twisted:
  7. must keep that for future reference.

    the mark waugh "dont you know who i am??"defence :cool:
  8. In VIC that'd be 12 months, for 45 and over, and a hearing (and probably charged with hoon driving, amongst other things). 43 should still be a six-month suspension, I believe.

    I'll have to remember the Mark Waugh defence though. :roll:
  9. Well, at least he didn't say that a dead American female academic was driving at the time :roll: :LOL:.
  10. In NSW >30 will see your license suspended.
    Yep preferential treatment, it sucks, but who is going to challenge the courts to stop it.
    Funny the Police are not even appealing.......
  11. Putting things into perspective - he did plead guilty and the offence was found proved. His sentence was to attend the Traffic Offenders Program which is a diversionary program for those who have a very good driving record or who are first time offenders. An example being a friend of mine who has never had a ticket in his life. After a recent separation from his partner he made the wrong decision to drive after drinking & got done for Mid Range PCA at an RBT site. He went to Court and had his licence suspension waived and had to attend the Traffic Offenders Program. He is just Joe Average and he got what Waugh got. As have many others. You WILL get preferential treatment if you have a good record. To my way of thinking that is how our legal system should work.

  13. Another question is why is the road an 80 zone?? It's on a highway in the middle of nowhere! Anyone travel along this road at all and know any details?