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Law on Helmet Removal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sinner, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Is it the law in NSW that you have to remove your helmet prior to entry os a service station?
    I only asked as i was warned that that is i did not remove my helmet that i would be refused entry.

  2. It happens, not sure on a specific Law though.

    My regular servo in Nth Melb has a family running it, they don't care what hour I rock up, helmet on, usually have a chat with them though, and always on pump 4, same bike etc.

    A servo near my parents place don't care unless the old biatch is working.

    Some hit a button when you try to walk through the auto-doors and they don't open. Some don't engage the pump.

    Annoying I know but I find the percentage more in favour of been able to leave my helmet on.

    Edit: just thinking back to a thread on sercuirty checking bags at supermarkets, maybe a 'condition of entry' to this store requires helmet removal?? I know most servo's I go to have that helmet removal sticker on the door.
  3. i dont think its a law.

    much like the "check bags" scenario in shops, it depends on the servo.

    but when i was couriering i had a flip top helmet. some servos would be fine with the lid up. some weren't soi helmet had to come off. at the shell at neutral bay yesterday some guy was in full gear with full face helmet. he was able to pay and walk out with no issues. but even i was put off by the full face helmet.

    i dont see the issue in removing a full face. it is disconcerting to the business and other patrons of said establishment if not removed and takes 5 seconds ( and i've been the victim of an armed holdup with the perp being covered. i'd imagine servo attendants are in a high risk job so why not make it easier on them? )
  4. Who cares if it's the law, servo's are not a "public" building and can set whatever condition of entry they like.
  5. Don't think it's law but most of the Petrol stations in Melbourne do ask me to take it off 'next' time I come in. But do let me pay with it on, I haven't had anyone refuse to let me in or use the pump because of it though
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.