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Law at university anyone know bout it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Banga, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. University of Western Sydney

  2. University of Wollongong

  3. Stuff it not worth it!

  1. Hi All,

    Yesterday I finished university!!! (For now anyway)
    So now I have a degree which is great however my next step in the education business is attempting to go into law.

    Now I am wondering if anybody has any experience with doing law at university, or any experience with entering a bachelor of laws as a graduate.
    If so are there any pointers as I finished a business course, which is not really that involved so what is Law like and what kind of attention does it require?

    Also I am looking at entering either university of Wollongong or university of Western Sydney, does anyone think there will be a difference in job prospects after attending either one of these uni's?

    Any info appreciated lol!!!

    Cheers ALL!!
  2. Standing in legal circles is about status.

    Sydney is the only one if you want to be taken seriously. Wollongong might be forgiven to a certain extent, but Western Sydney wont.

    You've got a degree. Take advantage of it and get into Sydney.
  3. + 1 ibast is right, its all about status.

    Good luck with it :)
  4. Only prob is that Sydney requires a distinction average and a high UAI, which is a bit out of range for me at present.
    I guess it does make sense about UWS though.
    I still have to look into other uni's maybe its possible somewhere else.
  5. Flinders and Adelaide universities are good law uni's.
  6. ANU has a Graduate Program (Juris Doctor) for graduates of another discipline.
  7. You could always enrol at Wollongong in law, work your butt off to keep your grades up and then transfer to Sydney.

    Nothing is out of range Banga, if you want it you can achieve it.
  8. May I go against the flow here?

    The world has enough lawyers! Do something you're passionate about. If that is law, then so be it, but if you're just looking to further your education then choose something that will make a difference in this world... science, education, engineering, nursing... and did I mention science?

    :LOL: Off my soapbox now... best of luck with whatever you choose :)
  9. UQ is a very good uni and might be worth a look. Awesome bike weather year 'round too. ;) Not that I'm biased or anything...
  10. Cheers gota look into uni's outside nsw. If status is that important then it is probly worth investigating outside nsw, i guess is is made harder by all family ties being in sydney. In saying that what ever will advance my career is best lol.
    Cheers! That is definitely an option, i lazed out big time in my current course, which shows, because I thought i would go straight into a job lol, didn't exactly work out.
    Obviously in law, would have to work hard and make it worth while not just waste more time.
    Lol, I guess I'd have to agree with that one.
    Basically i am looking to further my education, make a difference and do something worthwhile.
    Originally i wanted to do a masters in operations management, however at present this is unaffordable for many reasons.
    Law for me came about through my little brother who is doing business law and tried to get me in on the act(in saying this I'm not doing it just to follow him lol).
    My interest is family law, due to the fact i have a daughter and the situations, also the fact that i beleive strongly in Australia the Ernest on the male is way to high to prove themselves to be a good parent, and in some situations i know this to be extremely unfair(parent should be judged on their credentials which is not always done no matter what their gender).
    Getting back off my rant lol, law degree could also help in a business career and furthering it, so i guess it has its advantages, not sure that i will pursue being a lawyer or solicitor after doing the course.
  11. You may flow in any direction you fancy, Whipster. :)

    My turn. :)

    Make a difference you say - My uncle became the Director of Ontario's Office of the Children's Lawyer in the Dept. of Attorney General (Canada). A children's advocate.
    I'm pretty proud of him. Working in the children's service industry, I appreciate the work that some lawyers are able to accomplish.

    Ta, TG
    Science you say...Cool!

    Apologies Banga - Congratulations on finishing Uni.
  12. @ TG: Yep - and it's this kind of lawyer, slogging away for the underdog, who can change the world. Typically, (in any field), these are the people who have the passion to work long hours for little pay, fighting the bureaucracy, and for less recognition than some of their counterparts.

    So if this is what the OP has in mind, good on him (her?) and jump in and start fighting.

    But if the OP doesn't have the passion, they could just end up as just another broken down conveyancer etc., who is in it for the money and not much else, with not much fulfillment or satisfaction. These are the kind of lawyers the world doesn't need. I should have been more clear about this in my first post.

    To me, having read the OP's most recent post, it sounds like the OP has a point to prove re unfairness in family law, and that is excellent. Go in there with an idea of what you want to change, and try your hardest to do it. It's this kind of goal that will keep you going when pursuing a long-term education/career like law.

    But still think before you jump in - there are lots of possibilities out there, is all I'm saying. :grin:

    And yes, congrats to the OP on gaining his/her first degree, and kudos for coming back for more!
  13. Cheers Mate,
    Much appreciated

    Yeah I'd definitely still be looking around, reason being I'm not starting university till next year so if other options come up i will def consider them.
    At this point of time the case is not closed and i am definitely interested in seeing what else i could do and achieve.
    I get the gist of what your saying and it makes total sense, and i agree. No point doing something i'd regret later on. :)
    For me i guess its both social and also largely selfishly personal. If that makes sense lol.

    p.s. Its a him :wink:
    The whole point of putting this up here is to get ideas and help no matter in what way it is. So i appreciate every poster!!!

    Oh and thanks Tank girl.
  14. Looks like it needs an above distinction average, but hey i'd love to go up to QLD.
  15. With a name like Banga, I'd hope so.

    Please keep us all posted with your choice/s, if that's OK. :grin:
  16. haha yeah Banga is my surname, don't have any idea how it came about, but it works lol.

    Will do, definitely keep evry1 posted, if u care to know lol!
  17. Collectively. :grin:
  18. Yep, what TG said - or we will come looking for you with a lynch mob :LOL:
  19. Got a problem with UNSW?

    btw whats all this hub bub about UAI? You are post grad now, such childish matters should not concern Sydney Uniers.

    However your grades will. If you want to bump your grades up, sign up to short courses that are designed to develop your critical thinking and arguing skills and try to find some extra tutoring.

    Aim high! :wink:
  20. My mother is doing her law degree and loving it (though finds it challenging). She is mature age (obviously) and is about 3/4 of the way through. She is a qualified nurse, beauty therapist and mother :wink: and thought she'd give law a go as she's always been interested.

    Check to see if there are any entrance exams...might be worth doing. I did it and decided law definately wasn't for me (I don't think the right way). My results also reflected my feeling, so all for the best in the end!