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Laverda Jota

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  1. Seriously - only one photo? We need more, more , MORE....

    Did you restore it?
  2. Just added another photo. No, I didn't restore it. I bought it brand new.
  3. I have a question about the pic on the Opera House steps, was that take on a ride with the NSW Laverda Club. I went to that event, there was a few pics of the 15 or so bikes there that day sometime in the lateish 80s. I would love a copy of that. Are you still in Sydney and have the triple?
  4. Ye Gods, you bought this new??????
  5. Quite a few did, not me. I was RD 250 mounted then. They were mostly working on Oil rigs etc on big money. And a lot still own them.
  7. Is there a reply I am missing here?
  8. I think so. :hilarious:
  9. Sorry, having trouble figuring out this forum using an android tablet. I was trying to quote the question about how I came to be at the Opera House. I bought the Jota new from Peter Stevens Melb CBD and rode it to Sydney with my cousin George who was on his kwacka and wanted to trade it in on a CBF900 in Sydney.
  10. [​IMG]

    The trip back to Melbourne from Sydney. Somewhere near Bega. The Jota vs the CBF900. No contest really.
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  11. Its a small Laverda world, I know a fair few of the Victorian Laverda Club blokes.Last encounter was this.