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Laverda Diamante any thoughts

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MZ, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. A mate of mine is looking at one of these Laverdas in very good condition with full service history and low Ks
    Has anyone on the fourm got one or know of anyone that has ?
    I know that they have all the trick suspension , gold line Bremdo brakes and the light weight rims and that being a 668 they are not the most powerful thing but for him thats a good thing .
    So what I would like is some pro/cons from someone that has got one or had one

  2. Having owned an older Laverda, I want to like these.

    the one problem I have heard of with these is they have a common crank problem. Which is serious enough to scare most people off.

    They are quite common in the UK, so look up some .uk sites. From memory they devalued quite savagely over there.

    Take critism from older Laverda owners with a grain of salt.

    They were 10% off with power and weight. shame really.
  3. I'd love one of the modern Laverdas - but from what I've heard buying one will only make your mechanic happy :(. There has to be a reason why their 2nd hand value is so ridiculously low - and why there doesn't seem to be any high mileage examples.
  4. Main reason would be that the last version of the company to actually get bikes into production went bankrupt a few years ago, so parts supply is going to be iffy at best.
    The name is still being floated around with a couple of concept bikes appearing at various shows, but not much more than that.
    As I recall, the reviews from when they were new suggested the parallel twin Laverdas handled very well, but suffered from a serious lack of mid-range. Top end power was only ordinary compared to the opposition, too.
    I think the motor was designed and built by Rotax, but not 100% sure.
  5. From my experience with the members of the victorian laverda owners club which covers ghosts, formulas, diamenties, 750's S etc yes they have problems none of which to us is a glearing fault

    The 668 engine is a latter version of the original 600 atlas engine designed by the old factory at breganze this engine started life as the Alpina / Montjuic 500 engine well known for chewing the hell out of cam jounals

    This was fixed on the atlas engine which never made it to Australia about 200 where sold into the German Market

    The factory then moved to nearby Zane this is why they are known as the zane laverdas the 668 was developed to meet new emissions rules and regs fuel injection etc

    Please note the engine was built at laverda using parts sourced from various suppliers this is why you can still get spare engine parts body work etc usually is harder to come by but the UK has heaps of spares

    The first issue to raise its ugly head with the zane lavs is the rectifier requlator packs up and gives troubles most where replaced under warranty but there is a story to it its a ducati part

    The second was the clutch it was a bit hair trigger when new and then gave problems with over heating, the fix was to bung another clutch plate in it fixed all the issues and gave it back the typical laverda clutch pull

    Yes Cranks can go but funnily enough on the pampered bikes you know ridden twice a year and never taken over 7 k my mates one 668 is taken beyond redline daily and thrashed to within an inch of its life as they never really got up and went until really pushed his has done 60-80 thousand now and its still going strong

    Fuel lines in the tank can perish leading to blocked injectors etc and need frequent changes

    To us these arent really negative points though because we are loyal to the marque i would have one tommorrow (FORMULA)because they handle really really well and do get up and go very very hard but with 5 bikes in the garage at the moment cant justify it, I liked the Diamonte though forget the ghost

    I blast mate yep i agree the power was down but the 750 water cooled jobby was the pick of the bunch but if you rode the 668 and treated em like a two stoke they where great
  6. Thanks for the info
    I will pass on the info to my mate . I think being a little bit slower would be a good thing for my mate as he hasen`t had much experiance .

    Personaly I would buy one if I had a back up bike as I think they look and sound awsome :twisted: and if you go on rides to places like Wollombi you can bet you will be on the only Laverda there