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Laverda 1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Laverda, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Thoughts on the Laverda 1000
    would be appreciated

  2. Look up Brucey, a user here...he is an encyclopedia on them.... :LOL:
  3. Hmm

    What do you need to know ??????

    I have owned a 1981 Jota for 21 years now and a 1974 750 twin for 12 years

    I have rebuilt them from the ground up and and smashed them to pieces fallen off them blown em up and worn them out

    Would i ever sell them hell will freeze over on that day

    I dont ride them every day but they are my toys and thats what japanese bikes are for

    They are an addiction nothing can compare to one at full howl on the run from apollo bay to lavers hill

    Spares are available from germany where i mostly shop for my parts or i have contacts in italy.

    Be prepared to fix em your self as most mechanics will not know a thing about them.
    Cams and shims need to be done fairly regular as they are not easily converted to lead free and the comp needs to dropped a bit to run on unleaded (10.8 to 1 ) on a two valve head

    Watch out for 120 deg triples as the starter clutches if they rumble walk away the replacements cost about 1500 from germany

    Most of the brakes are equivalant to ducati and guzzi so parts are not an issue

    Carb parts are 32 mm delortos so same as Ducati and Guzzi

    All bearings seals and bolts are metric standard and can be obtained from any industrial supplier

    I have M7 and M9 and M11 taps and dies so i make my own bolts and nuts if i need them

    Tanks and body work will cost a packet as there are no new spares at the moment only whats there so be prepared tofix what you get with them

    When is all said and done i love em and nothing can compare to riding a laverda they where made with passion to be ridden with style

    Long live the thought of Piero Laverda who stated this bike was built to cover great distances atwhat ever speed he wished and bugger what any body else thought of it
  4. thx for the info
    To cut the story short i still havnt even got my Ls yet , but my dad owned a laverda but he crashed it before he passed away however the motor and stuff is still in good cond and working fine there are some parts that are new as he purcahsed them after he dropped it, just the front only really has any damagae to it but im finding it impossible to find anywhere which sells the parts
  5. mmmmm 70s model Laverdas

  6. I think the best thing to do in your situation would be to find a true Laverda fan like Brucey here, and sell the lot to him for shitload of money. Then buy a bike you could actually ride...
  7. nah it has to much centimental value iand means alot to me ill never sell it + all it really needs is cosmedics everything else is fine and my uncle is a mechanic. Just cant find anywhere which sells parts i have a guzzi i got left to practice on before i get good enough to ride the laverda

    just want peoples opinions on laverdas
    and if anyone knows a place that sells parts.
  8. Well mate i missed the obvious

    Welcome to the forums

    And Know i know a bit more about your story

    Which is great by the way lets face it your dad had style and how many of us can say it was my dads bike i have three daughters so they each have a laverda an one ducati when i croak it not for a great many years to come i hope

    Now where are you in australia ???? i can recommend some contacts in each of the states for the clubs that are around

    Now for parts i need to know what year it is 180 or 120 crank etc lay down shocks or vertical shocks etc

    from that i can work out the year and what parts you need ie ceriani or marzocchi etc

    my parts contacts are as follows



    Andy Wagner is brilliant most of our club here in victoria use them


    I have used Phil Todd Todd laverda as well

    If you order on a thursday you get it the next week he has greatstocks of the rarer items

    Keep in contact if you have any questions I am the past pres of Club Laverda Victoria and can usually help with the triples on most things

    Good luck

    :wink: :wink: :wink: