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Launch: 2011 BMW S1000RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kermie, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]




  2. The factory HP kit puts out 195HP at the rear wheel without the Ram Air, so hold onto your pants.
  3. have all the jap 4 responded to this bike yet or what?

    the kawi gets close... but this still seems to be the winner...
  4. Give it some time, shady-knife. I personally think we'e about to witness some amazing sportsbikes in the next 1-2yrs ! Kawasaki have opened the can of worms, thanks to BMW :)
  5. Well this is the thing. Every body else (japanese) are due for major upgrades in 2012. Should be v-air-ee interesting.
  6. I have a strong suspicion Honda and maybe Yamaha will be in 2012. Just in time to upgrade my '09 blade :D
  7. Looks like the BMW has pulled even further ahead. Can't say I'm surprised, and will look forward to any future model changes for 2012. I would bet on them countering the upshift by the Big Four in spectacular style.

    Honda and Kawasaki have both filed patents for true variable-valve technology in motorcycles, which will see not only valve timing but also valve duration and lift varied depending on engine revs and possibly throttle input. I think Suzuki may also have filed a similar patent, but am not sure.

    Either way, proper variable valve technology would be a real boon on a sports bike as it'd let you keep low and midrange power, as well as enable an absolutely stomping topend... bypassing emissions, too. Think of it as the four-stroke equivalent of the two-strokes powervalve... but better.

    Oh yes, and as for the new Kawasaki being 'close' - I would agree. Close but no cigar. I haven't yet seen a dyno-readout and am amazed that a magazine hasn't done one yet. Perhaps its all test-bike only reviews and no hands-on kind of stuff as per the big superbike shootout reviews. Either way, and as I've said before, the 2009 Kawasaki quoted 200 horsepower and put out 176 at the wheel. Thats a fantasy gap of 24hp. The BMW quoted 192 and put out the same.

    Anyway, I seriously doubt the ability of the Big Four to gain in the region of 20 to 30 rear wheel horses in a single model. I also serious doubt their ability to represent those horses accurately.

    Cheers - boingk
  8. apparently they like to eat a gearbox or two, a guy off another forum i frequent races in The Hottrax endurnace series in the uk and has changed from a 09 r1 to a brand new RSV4 ARPC for that precise reason.

    theres a bit about it here..

  9. not even close to a full license and this makes me sad
    i thought this bike was perfect
  10. I am not surprised, first model bikes always have kinks.
  11. Here's one I got from someone back in the uk.
    Race exhaust and reprogrammed ecu, read it and weep! 202hp!
    Blue line represents standard pipe and race ecu, the others are different exhausts they tried.