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VIC Latest TAC data highlights serious injury concerns ahead of Easter

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. From TAC web site....

    The pdf's are very interesting and no mention of speed on the release either!

    BIG THING TO NOTICE IN PDF: Speeding infringments per month compared to how many of them were for Excessive Speed Infringements (more than 25kph above posted limit)
    Nov last year there were 88,160 speeding infringments and of them 658 were for Excessive Speed..

    So one begs the question, if they caught over 88,500 people, so many more would be driving in that same speed range that didn't get caught, and speeding is so dangerous, why weren't there thousads of deaths?
    Like I say, if so many are over the posted limit, it indicates the limit is wrong not the road users...

    Also notice the lower no of speeding infringments in Oct where vicpol were not issuing infringments due to industrial action and where the fatalities were were not as high...


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  2. Probably time to point out that the difference between the holiday vs regular period road toll is statistically insignificant :)
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  3. It's amazing how that seems to escape the attention of the police and media isn't it?
  4. It doesn't escape the media, it just doesn't sell papers.

    Maybe there is some irony in their naming of their operation as "we are the toll" if their overpolicing is causing the toll.
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