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VIC Latest survey from the TAC spokes and muarc

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. An email I received just a few minutes ago

    The Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) is conducting research on motorcyclists’ experiences at rail level crossings. They are looking for Victorian motorcyclists aged 18-65 who cross railway level crossings when riding at least three times each week.

    The study involves completing a daily diary for two weeks, recording your experiences at rail level crossings. The diary should take no longer than 10 minutes to fill out each day and participants will be offered $30 compensation for their time.

    To sign up to the study simply complete the recruitment survey:

    Alternatively, contact MUARC via email at Vanessa.Beanland@monash.edu or on (03) 9905 1810.

    Safe riding,
  2. More:
    Seems straight forward.
    Monday: Boom gates came down I stopped. Train went past, it was noisy.
    Boom gate went up lights off, got honked at from behind by impatient cager:
    Lights stopped proceeded with caution:
    Tuesday: No lights no gates went down rode through with due care


    Bolded red are WTF?
    They have loaded the question before the survey has begun. how fukkin hard is it to stop at a level crossing when the gates are down?
    On a motorcycle if you do get caught out you can filter out of trouble, try doing that in a car!!!!
  3. So 30 km/h limit for 500m each side of Rail Xing's soon, eh?
  4. The ONLY issue I have with the rail crossing I go over every day is the crappy road surface on and on either side of the crossing. Nothing to do with the way I ride.
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  5. What a bizzare piece of research. I haven't heard of a motorcycle injury at boom gates for years.

    You might be right jazzfan, but why would they do that? Based on what evidence?
  6. It does seem like a particularly random subject for a study. TBH the greatest threat to a rider is the increased agitation and unpredictability of car drivers around level crossings.
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  7. Interesting timing given this VicPol media release:

    Nothing about motorcyclists being a concern though... :?
  8. paint all the trains with hi vis yellow.
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  9. The bolded red parts make sense to me. I don't see it as "loading". For starters, not every rail crossing has a boomgate, or crossing signals. The ones with boomgates are fairly obvious, but the signal-only or no-signal ones won't be as effective for alerting road users to the presence of an approaching train. The study administrators have identified crossing fatalities as a concern and so they're trying to draw on peoples' experience to (1) identify problem crossings and (2) identify factors shared across those crossings which increase the likelihood of a near-miss/actual-hit, and address them. e.g. trees obscuring the signals, or the road alignment putting the sun in peoples' eyes.

    We use a similar methodology in our consulting work to draw out peoples' unreported knowledge about high-risk tasks in workplaces, so that the tasks can be modified or better/different equipment provided. It's a really fast and effective way to identify, in this case, rail crossings which need to be modified to reduce the likelihood of a fatality.

    Edit: That said, polling for the specific needs of motorcyclists is a bit odd as it limits the sample size considerably. Our road surface requirements are different to that of cars, and there's the concern of being rear-ended, but other than that I don't know for sure. Then again, if they knew the answer to that question they wouldn't be doing the study, so I'll just shut up now. :)
  10. that would be OUR levy being wasted on some overpaid white coated bespectacled wanker masquerading as a researcher.........:furious::furious:
  11. If you can substantiate that the motorcycle levy is being used for this study, please let me know / drop an email to editor [at] motorcyclingreview [dot] com. I would be very disappointed if the levy was paying for this, but since the way that projects are funded via the levy has changed, I can't rule it out.
  12. It's open to cars and trucks as well if you click the link
  13. Sorry, my speculation, though I wish that evidence was forthcoming that could be used to get MUARC's greedy useless mitts out of the levy.

    Speculation based entirely on MUARC's well documented history of largesse and the fact that MUARC is 1] a substantial drain on the resources of the levy for no positive benefit to motorcycling at all, and 2] the in the history of MUARC not one single piece of pro motorcycling work has ever emanated from their anal uttering (s).
  14. Yeah completely understand the speculation. Especially now that MAG approves the "types of projects" funded by the levy, not the specific projects themselves. (Pretty sure I have that right.)

    So yeah, anything like this is the kind of thing that MR Magazine is very interested in.
  15. "Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) is undertaking this research project to explore how motorcyclists behave while approaching and travelling through railway crossings."

    What are they expecting motorcyclist to do at the crossing?

    Monday: Gates up, cross tracks normally. I felt sad, but continue on my commute.
    Tuesday: Boom gates lower. I get excited. With an unusual steep incline of the road prior to the boom gates, I dropped 2 gears, accelerated, flew over the gates while performing a "superman" move and land hard on the other side. People stare with shock and awe (for awesome).
    Wednesday: Another disappointing crossing. No trains, no bells and no people...I continue the normal commute.
    Thursday: With prior research of the train time table, I approach the level crossing slowly, watch the gates lower into position and wait for the train come a little closer to play a bit of chicken...I accelerate up the incline, fly over the gates again, but this time perform a scissor kick while winking at the train conductor. It was fantastic!
    Friday: I was tired so didn't travel to work and became a couch potato.
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  16. You're a funny feller Phongus :D
  17. Has there been any instances of motorcycles coming into contact with a train ?, as far as I remember I only ever recall cars coming to grief on train crossings, but then my memory only goes back a small way :p

    Maybe we should all sign up and fill in the diary with what Phongus said, if we all filled it in exactly, do you think the MUARC would cotton on ? :D
  18. Yeh you have, few weeks back. Posted an incident which you replied to :cool:

  19. Truck drove off when gates opened, never knew he had a bike come to the front, couldn't see the rider.
  20. I'm a bit sus about this - it's pretty easy to avoid getting hit by trains. A quick Google search shows that Victoria's suicide-by-train rate is about 30 per year. That means the 24 pedestrians killed by trains over the last financial year is less than the number of people who normally commit suicide by train over any twelve month period. I'd like to know if Vicpol's figure of 54 includes suicides or not.