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Latest spam email

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. In my gmail spam folder this morning


    08:20 (53 minutes ago)
    to undisclosed recipients
    Dear Western Union client,

    Most of our customers have been complaining about their online accounts being used by third parties. In order to avoid unauthorized account usage and to increase fraud prevention, we developed a more secure database where our customer's profile information will be stored.

    All our clients are required to confirm their online accounts by accessing our online form on the following link:

    Click here to access the online validation form

    Please note that this security update is only intended for our members protection.

    Thank you,
    Joshua D. Roming,
    IT Executive,
    Western Union Australia.

    Ok so what is the big deal then?

    This is who it came from, literally

    a dumbass spammer@wes.com
  2. I was also addressed to dumbass in the heading
  3. Just email this back to them:
  4. jd is the image king
  5. I've been getting legitimate emails that I need to respond to from a shop with the subject
    "Spam: [#XX-XX-XXXX]: Your RobotShop Order# XXXXXX".
  6. I got one with the same address, bloody hilarious!
  7. Im sure there are many dumbasses who have clicked on the link and provided them with all their details too...