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Latest Road safety iniative...announced today

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Smitty, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. announced today.... see The Age online

    The Victorian government wants to restrict speedometers on all new cars in Australia at 130kph.

    The debate over speed has been reignited by Ford Performance Vehicles' release of a turbocharged six-cylinder Falcon - the Typhoon - which is capable of well over 200kph.

    Victorian Premier Steve Bracks said Transport Minister Peter Batchelor would submit the proposal to the Australian Transport Council, a meeting of state and federal transport ministers, in Brisbane next Friday.
    Mr Bracks told radio 3AW today the plan to peg speedometers was the first step in a campaign to impose a limit on top speed.

    He said Mr Batchelor would call for speedometers to be restricted to "something close to 130kph so you don't have the immediate temptation or incentive" to see how fast the car goes.

    "That will be the first step, and obviously if there's further action to be taken, that can be determined in discussion at the Australian Transport Council," Mr Bracks said.

    "But I think it's a good first step. I think it's an important step."

    The new speedo limits would require a change to the Australian Design Rules for motor vehicles - the rules manufacturers must meet to have their cars registered for use on Australian roads.

    "This is one anomaly really that's there - if you can't go at 240kph, why have you got 240 on the speedo," Mr Bracks said.

    "That's the issue, really. Why have that incentive? Why have that inducement if you like, and why have that as part of a broader advertising campaign that you can market these as cars that can go at these extraordinary speeds."

    reminds me of the 70's Supercar scare...

  2. Great. Can't wait until they seperate me from other people, just incase I'm "tempted" to kill them.
  3. you know, i dont have a problem with that. if your speedo maxxed out at 130, the inclination to go faster wouldn't be as great. it doesn't restrict how fast you can go, just how fast you can see yourself going. in other words, the twisty roads where you're using the sound of the motor to judge things are going to be just as much fun still. trying to set land speed records on the way home might not be as much of a blast tho :?

    i actually think that this is one of the most intelligent things that has ever come out of mr bracks. funny tho, i said something like that when i was 10 years old to mummy whilst looking at her dash :LOL:
  4. So would they be removeable so we can let our speed-demonism out on the track????

    :D :D :D
  5. Are they going to limit the speed on the radar guns & blue light portrait cars as well?
  6. Bracks will then apply a 120km/h speed limit on all tracks in Victoria.

    After that, he'll ban cars from being painted in colours that he doesn't like. He'll probably then ban the amount of breaths you take per day to 1000, and put a 5 farts per day restriction. :)
  7. Look out Donna! froflmao!
  8. Remeber the old slogan from the 80s? The ALP Motto - If it's not compulsory, then it's banned........

    All this is going to do is to create yet another imposte on those drivers and riders who, for the most part, obey the speed limit.

    Drivers are human. Humans make mistakes. You cannot escape that fact. You also cannot legislate against human error, no matter how hard you try. Therefore, you must look at what causes those errors and try to minimise them, to eliminate the cause.

    Training, attitude assessment, improved infrastructure, etc. should be looked at. Not merely speed, which, according to Vicroads and TAC websites, when I last looked, is a "factor" not a major cause, in only 20% of all crashes. And even then, it's largely supposition, when there are no witnesses to the event.

    I s'pose a low reading speedo will help drivers to concentrate more accurately on set speeds, but having larger gaps between increments. Dunno what else it'll do. If kids want to find out how fast their cars will do, they'll just purchase a cheap GPS. Far more accurate than any speedo, in any case...
  9. If it increases the accuracy of the speedo, then there MAY be things going for it - ie: being sure than you're not speeding.

    I'm sure the car manufacturers are going to LOVE this one, particularly those who use DIGITAL speedos...
  10. I doubt he will have even the slightest chance of this as it requires a change to the AUSTRALIAN design rules and not the victorian design rules.
    All states would have to be in agreement on it.

    This is the normal Bracks posturing.
    If I just talk people will think that im doing something.

    He has not at this stage understood the old saying .....

  11. I've always thought this was a bit of a strange campaign. At 5 kms over you hit someone stepping out from between cars, etc.

    I look at it thinking that if you were going, say, 20kms over the speed limit you would have got to that spot earlier and missed the person stepping out onto the road by a longshot.

    weird................ :wink:
  12. To me this is a bloody dangerous idea. Surely if it were to result in the death of one motorist then thats too many.

    Picture this -

    inexperienced rider/driver in the bends or on the illegal drag strip (they shouldn't be doing it but that doesn't change the fact that they are0,

    speedo maxes out at 130 so they begin to loose perception of how fast they are really going,

    they look down at the speedo - its maxed out the result no idea of how fast they are actually going,

    damn brake too late..... was 10kph faster than I thought, ouch that hu.....

    funeral on wednesday.

    come on Mr Bracks can we have some serious solutions to problems not nice sounding bandaids......
  13. Big Brother anyone? How Orwellian. How much further does this control freak want to take things? I hope this proposal fails but there does seem to be a line of thinking among the Labor state Transport Ministers to impose greater restrictions on road users.

    If you take a shallow view and blithely accept the line that they are doing it for our benefit to protect us against outselves then woe be to you when further reductions in personal liberty occur.

    This stinks of a control-state attitude and one that shouldn't be accepted lightly. Remember, you can't go 3km/h over the limit, smoke in restaurants or even in pubs in the near future, sensible speed limits are being further chopped, revenue-raising boat licenses were introduced, pointless wind farms imposed on unwilling communities, tolls introduced after the promise that the road would be govt funded, funding to hospitals and schools cut...etc. This government make the Kennet govt look quite good in hind site.
  14. yer, i spose we could always lobby to have coincidences banned. or better yet, maybe ban accidents, that'll put a stop to it :LOL:

    but seriously, this does have SOME merit. its better than blatant revenue raising, its actually a step in the direction of getting ppls to keep their feet off that pedal just a bit.

    speed isn't always the reason why accidents happen, but they are right when they say a lot could be avoided by slowing ppls down, especially in built up areas.

    anything that directs funds away from installing more goddam cameras is fine by me :LOL: maybe one day they'll wake up and realize that they need to train new drivers/riders better and start testing those whos health is failing every now and then to make sure they're not a danger. i reckon that'd stop more accidents than speed cameras, but our buddy bracksy wouldn't like to hear that too often.

    maybe invest some money in researching a drug that makes people less arrogent :LOL: or take taxis and 4WDs off the road, that'll fix things up :wink:
  15. It hasn't stopped NSW from introducing uniquely NSW muffler laws that fly in the face of the ADRs. Also, there's the 10 percent lee-way on speedo error that's allowed for speedos, yet Victorian laws allow a max of 3 km/h before the cameras ping you.

    The main problem here is that we have a small market. vehicles forced to adopt yet more uniquely Australian ADRs will only drive up the cost to the consumer. Someone mentioned digital speedos. I'd suggest that this'd be easily done electronically, but setting an upper limit to the LCD's display. But for analog speedos, it means new instrument cluster face, recalibrated speedo instrument, etc..
  16. Yep they will prob do it sooner or later. Let's not forget that this has already been happening for some time on a few models (GSXR1300, ZX12R, M5 (it's a car)).

    Only prob is that when your going for that crazy overtaking move and you need that extra speed to make the gap....not that I would ever do that of course :)
  17. Not sure how this'd be a solution in such circumstances. When built up areas have a default 50 km/h limit and your speedo can read to 130 km/h.....

    Perhaps they should have selectable speedos, say a lo range and a hi range reading indicator that swaps over automatically as it passes transponders on signs, and that a signal will limit the vehicle to that speed......

  18. Their argument is that it may stop you attempting to find out how fast a car/bike goes. I wonder how many accidents actually happen when someone is searching for top speed - im guessing bugger all.

    its the slightly too fast, in the wrong situation where speed is a factor in accidents, thus the 5km/hr over the limit thing. I don't like that campaign but at least I understand it.

    Crashing at 80kph on a blind hairpin is just as dangerous as 180kph on an open straight - they've missed the point yet again.