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Latest petrol prices

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Whos enjoying the latest wave of petrol prices of over $1.40 a litre??

    Something definitely wrong here

    Last time petrol prices where this high was in 2008, thats fine but the only problem here is in 2008, the price of oil was at $US148 a barrel and the Australian dollar was at 98 US cents

    It is now 2011, todays prices of oil is $US88 a barrel and the Australian dollar stands at 99 US cents, you do the sums.

    What i dont like about it is nothing will be done to correct it and we all have to take it on the chin again and just keep making the billionairs richer, even though the prices are so high now, they will use Egypt as an excuse to make the prices even higher, motorcycle companies will be cheering soon cause their sales will now go up again

    My name is goz and thats my rant for today :D
  2. Yeah I noticed... Grrrr.
    Wasn't there a gov't committee or something setup to be the watchdog on petrol pricing?
  3. Around 40% of the price of a litre of petrol goes to the goverment in tax and revinue. Both sides of parliment like petrol. It fills their piggy bank.
  4. Yeah I get that - but are they gonna wear 40% off the cost of the drive-offs that will now inevitably increase?
    I think I was thinking of FuelWatch, but was sure it was a national thing...
  5. Haven't paid over $1.30 for standard unleaded anytime recently. What does s*&t me though was paying $1.28 for 91 octane for the bike, but $1.44 for 95 octane for the car (both on the same day, and from the same BP servo).

    Since when did the price difference between the two become $0.18, and how the hell can they justify that?
  6. i can see the $1.60 signs being put out soon, ask why

    "but but but Egypt, you know"

    Where are u JD, Syd is expensive
  7. ok just had a look at motormouth and in Sydney it is hovering around $1.30, BUT, mond night, tuesday is the so called cheaper petrol day, after that it will go up again, there is another problem, why is it OK to make it cheaper Tuesdays but every other day it jumps up 18c
  8. Must be.

    I just spent the last few days riding around Western/Central Victoria and the highest price I saw standard unleaded selling for was $1.39 (and that was in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere).
  9. hmmm interesting

    Supermarkets accused of raising petrol prices to cover bread, milk cuts

    A fuel monitoring agency has accused the major supermarkets of slugging motorists with higher petrol prices to subsidise their milk and bread war.
    FUELtrac general manager Geoff Trotter said petrol prices rose by 19 cents a litre to more than $1.40 a litre over the weekend.
  10. Hmm, seems like yet another reason to NOT buy petrol from any of the supermarket chains (that and the fact that the few times I've tried them I've always ended up with badly fouled plugs).
  11. thursdays are cheaper than tuesdays, watch prices over the next few days. Not much in it though as long as you're not filling up on the weekend.
  12. thursdays are cheaper because it's dole/pension day. up until a few months back, it's been jacked up thursday arvo and slowly decreased through the week to repeat again next thursday. supposedly tuesday is cheaper now (this is for QLD btw)
    when i worked at a servo (about 5 years back) it was closer to 55% went to governments. i doubt it'd be less now.
    and that's the exact reason we will never again see prices under $1/l despite the price of oil being roughly 50% of the peak price 4-5 years back when we were paying ~$1.69/l
  13. I paid $1.55 for 98 in Canberra yesterday filling the bike. I don't how that can be justified at present. I'm just glad that lasts me 2 weeks on the bike for my commute.
  14. I remember when mum said "If it goes over 40 cents a litre you're walking to school".

    Ahh the 80s, being driven to school in a Honda scamp.
  15. Not sure what it is at the moment down here in melb, but come wednesday afternoon it get's dearer.

    On the plus side, my wife filled the car up for $6 the other day, & got a free Hot Wheels to boot, some 10c a litre deal.
  16. I'd personally like to see them go up. Seriously. We don't pay much compared to the rest of the OECD and we don't pay that much tax.

    When petrol was more expensive a couple of years ago traffic got better in Sydney. More people used public transport, big 4wds disappeared off the roads and the air was cleaner. I even got to work faster.

    If the government was raising more money from fuel and subsidising public transport it would just be icing on the cake.

    I'd happily pay a few more dollars a tank for that.

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  17. Problem with Australia is that everything is so far away, riding/driving to work in Australia could be the same as going to another country in Europe. Not happy with the fuel increases, the good thing from this is that im now starting to ride allot more than the car.
  18. Some person left the dial at $1.40.