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Latest MotoGP signing and he's an Aussie

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by tim, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. Hopefully a stepping stone to a full GP bike for Bryan..
  2. Amazing that he got a ride, congrats to him.
  3. Hopefully another Aussie who comes out and rules the world...........
  4. what you mean hopefully, aussies are the only ones that do! :p
  5. Thanks for the correction Mav :), Aussies rule in anything that matters............:)
  6. Hope he fares better than Ant West has been. Undeniably world-class talented rider, but just hasn't had the luck to put it all together.

    It's still an odd feeling with the 2nd-class CRT bikes in the same field, but I do hope he does well.
  7. a few rule changes next year with CRT bikes that they are allowed more fuel, more motors and new stickier tyres. They are trying to bridge the gap a bit more which is needed.
  8. More motors is a big one. It means they will be able to tune them harder and get them more up to superbike spec. Thats the real deficiency of the CRTs. they are losing 20-30 kmh on the straights
  9. hmm they should also make some special rules for factory ducatis to bridge the gap between ducati and other factory teams.i don't think ducati can make any advancements on technical front to come closer to the japs...they are in a different league..
  10. Like guest appearances, get Casey in to show them it can be done!