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Latest Indiana Jones movie . . . is -

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, May 28, 2008.

  1. Disappointing !!! :?

    If i was to rank the Indiana Jones movies from Best to Worst, it would go as follows;

    1. Raiders of The Lost Ark
    2. Last Crusade
    3. Temple of Doom
    4. Crystal Skull

    It just did not have it !
    I won't spoil it for all, but the ending just sucked dogs balls !!

    torrent it people !!
  2. :LOL: No comment.
  3. was gonna go to the movies last weekend but couldnt decide between indiana jones and ironman.so i stayed home.i never really had high hopes for the new indiana movie..
  4. Its definitely the worst of them :( But still a better than average movie.
  5. I thought the storyline was a bit simple - but then again it fitted in really well with the spirit of the other films, and was written quite a while ago so it doesn't have today's "super twisty" plotline.

    I don't think it was the most brilliant film of the year - but I thought it was a lot of silly fun. I liked the fact that the special effects were kept in line with the old movies (ie sets and stunts rather than CGI) and it had the same kind of cheesy jokes.
  6. It was awful. The action sequences were well done, but it never really drew me in.

    In fact, come to think of it the movie sucked really badly. Aliens. Come on!?!?
  7. I think you'll find there was substantial CGI in the film, including an entire CGI jungle!

    EDIT: Article here

  8. The movie sucked !!

    Anyone know if George Lucas is into Scientology ???
    I think its propaganda for it.

    Its touching on the Erich Von Daniken: Chariots of the Gods theme. !!
  9. Perhaps, but I don't believe he wrote the movie (although I'm sure he had significant input) - according to this anyway:

  10. Mmmm... I agree with Micky's ranking of it.

    Despite the ET theme being incredibly gay, overall - I did find the movie very enjoyable and am glad I paid to see it on the big screen.

    Miss Ktulu's favourite bit was the epic sword-fight.
    Mine was when Indy first puts his hat on and you just see his shadow... that was freakin' awesome :grin:
  11. Okay, well it was certainly done seamlessly. Harrison Ford still did his own stunts though - which was good.

    Micky - I think you'd better alter the title to indicate the spoliers.
  12. I don't get it whole head stealing bit !

    So, the Spanish Conquistadores found the City of Gold.
    They took one of the Crystal Skulls.
    They then ended up in an Incan burial temple (where Indiana finds the Skull) - because they were on the way to bring it back.

    When they (Indiana and the Transformers dude) bring the Skull back, it activates the flying saucer !!!

    So . . . why didn't the flying saucer get activated back when the Spanish conquistadores took it ?? Like what was the whole purpose of the Crystal skelitons sitting in a circle ??? and the whole crap of one of the alien beings coming to life - why did it not happen back when the Skull was first stolen. ????

    It does not make sense !!!!!
  13. Exactly. Which is why it was so bad.
  14. You call heem Dactah Jones!

  15. SWMBO liked it, I fell asleep, Comfortable chairs, nice & dark.
    Note to self, don't go to flicks after a 12 hour night shift. :roll:
  16. So did I, I can't remember what happen between the motorbike chase with Indiana and the Transformers dude, and when they entered the monastry (I think) where a nun shows them where that crazy dudes room is with the carvings on the wall and floor. :?

    I'm so tempted to make a bold statement to say that Cloverfield was better than Crystal Skull ! :eek:
  17. i went and saw it gold class baby!! was half pissed when i got into the cinema.. then they fracked up my order, planted me with 4 burbons within 30 minutes. i was obligated to drink them all you see, and i thought the movie was pretty good :D
    not really an indy movie, but a good movie, althuogh the ending sucked balls for sure.

    i really wanted doctah jownes doctah jownes kid to be in it again. he was cool.
  18. They couldn't get him a leave pass from his retirement home.
  19. mustn't be as close to the nurses as what harrison ford is.. unless he used the mellenium falcon to do a runner. or swung out on a rafter with the tie cord on his robe :D