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Latest increase in 'greed cameras' [VIC]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. know that this has been done in some form or another, but
    was reading the online Herald Sun (am in Bath UK) and thought it would need further reading and disscusions from my fellow brethren!!

    "LEADFOOT motorists face a massive crackdown, with a phalanx of extra fixed and mobile speed cameras to be deployed within weeks."

    If you are to go a few kms over he limit on a deserted road, you are a LEADFOOT (onya media)!!/hoon

    "I'm sure some parts of the community will probably have a bit of a whinge, but we're really confident this will take us to the next level."

    That'd be us no doubt, thanks Ken

    "Areas under greater surveillance include suburbs, such as Casey in the east, with lots of younger, often reckless drivers, police said. "

    Please explain......
    Exactly how does a fixed speed camera curb 'reckless driving'
    You can drive like a ckchead.....just dont go a little too fast past a camera!!

    "Victorians can be sure that people who put others at risk by speeding or running red lights will be caught."

    Yes, we will be caught. About 3 weeks after he event, with a notice in the mail. How pro-active...

    Authorities said cameras were part of continuing tactics to tackle the road toll and reduce crash trauma.

    Yes, they should be 'a part' of the tactics. Only prob is, its the main tactic. What happened to police presence???

    "We're looking for that silver bullet that takes us to that next level, which will put us alongside the world's best," Mr Lay said.

    Worlds best what?
    Money grabbing, least pro-active, most re-active,tax increasing country??I will eat my words if we see an imediate upgrade of roads etc as a result of all this extra money being raised.Methinks my words will not be eaten.
    FFS this shits me......


    ps, enjoying he British Summer. ie its 16 degs and threatening to rain (again)!!
  2. fcuk 'em

    I like the idea that they are spending all these dollars fitting out cars and poles/bridges etc with cameras.

    At the rate that they are neglecting the roads network, the roads will soon be gridlocked and no one will be able to go faster than 40km/h anywhere.

    Their prized "greed cameras" are going to turn out to be white elephants.
  3. I noticed you also live in Mt Martha. Did you see 2 to be installed on cnrs of Nepean & Bungower & Morn Tyabb Rds? If they must use them to raise revenue that's one thing, but it bugs the s%#t out of me that people are losing there licences because of a few km's over the speed limit. Even the cruise control in a car will not sit exactly on the speed you set the whole time so how is a person meant to do it?......my sook for the day :roll:
  4. I can live with the cameras at intersections. I can even grin and bear it if they patrol known suburban areas where serious accidents are known to happen.
    I can't swallow it if they go for the easy option of targeting people doing common-sense safe speeds that just happen to be illegal because it's profitable for authorities to make them illegal. I can't swallow them hiding behind bushes to catch the one and only vehicle on the road somewhere.
    We'll just have to wait and see which options they go for.
  5. Wait no more, Titus.

    Unfortunately the gutless and cowardly state government find it easier to hire civilian contractors to extract money from the Victorian motorist rather than holding the federal government accountable for the fact that by constitutional convention it has an absolute monopoly over the raising of income tax but is only responsible for half of all government expenditure. In other words, the state government goes for the easy targets.

    I quite like to do a fair bit of touring around the state, spending money in rural towns on hot food, petrol and the occasional overnighter. But if the government is going to stick civilian contractors on rural highways and force me to travel at 95 kph behind all the other traffic on the road, then those country towns are going to simply lose my money, and that of everyone else who re-evaluates their need to travel when it becomes more time consuming and stressful.

    Wake up dumb arse Victorians, this Brumby labor government is hurting your hip pocket in more ways than one.
  6. This one, the previous one, they are all fcuked in the head.

    Worst part is, you stupid dumb arses keep voting teh fcukers back in.

    We deserve everything that is dished out to us.
  7. ...& isn't it also "funny" that using radar-detectors which will in fact slow you down is illegal. Not for revenue raising....bulls*#t!
  8. It always makes me laugh when they say they will make X amount of dollars from the cams, not do they think they will slow people down, but nor do they want to.

    It’s getting close to where I get a truck and start running all the f$$ing poles down..
  9. Who are we supposed to vote for? No party is going to scrap the camera cash-cows, if they did I'd vote for them in a second.
  10. I say we blacklist the MUARC from these forums because it was on THEIR recommendation the govt decided to do this.
  11. And flashing your lights to warn other riders of a speed camera which will also make them SLOW DOWN is illegal as well. But Mr Lay said "the money side of things I don't give a tinker's cuss about".

    Puhlease!!! Just how stupid and gullible do they think we are? (don't even bother answering that!)
  12. No, but it's easy to voice your dissatisfaction. Next time you go to the ballot box, federal or state, take the 30 seconds needed to number all the boxes, being sure to put the major party in power last, and the other major party second last. If enough people bothered to do this, we could hold those fvckers to account. Politicians would be forced to start representing their electorate rather than towing the party line, lest they see their vote go from >50% to zero in the space of one term.


    I think MUARC recommended the govt continue to fund them.
  13. It really does show how naieve they are when they talk about finding a "Silver Bullet". (Someone's been listening to too many Kevin Rudd speaches)

    Road safety has so many aspects and variables it's astounding to think they can just find the one magic thing that'll bring our death toll down to zero.

    It's even scarier that they think by doing exactly the same thing they've been doing for the last ten years they'll get different results. :shock:
  14. Yep the cameras really work :shock: saturdays road toll last year 168 this year toll 168 try to explain that you pack of lying ass holes :twisted:
  15. What do you expect? It's an academic organisation that relies on government funding for its existance. Like any good consultant it will produce the results that the government wants to hear.

    Thing is, we're saturated with speed cameras now (I have no problems with red light cameras, but they still have the same lagging impact as SCs). The road toll barely shifts, despite more and more of these things coming into service.

    And, as far as I'm concerned they have no credibility when they are positioned on the Princes Freeway 100m short of the 100/110kmh speed change, flat, wide and safe roads or on some backroad that hasn't seen an accident in years.
  16. Redlight cameras I don't mind in the least - they can work more to our advantage with idiot drivers like this

    However if the speed cameras really worked then why is the government budgeting for an increase in fines. If the aim is to slow people down then surely there should be a longer term decrease in revenue as fewer and fewer people are booked.

    The fact that they accept that there will be an increase in revenue from speeding fines - disproportionate to the increase in vehicles on the road - makes me very cynical indeed.

    It would be interesting to see exactly what speeds people are being booked for with these cameras - I doubt there's a lot of "hoon" bookings. What bothers me is the over reliance of cameras rather than actual police on the road. It really seems that there is a belief that nothing except speed can be a problem. Not inattention, carelessness, or the sort of general stupidity that we, as riders, deal with every day.

    I cannot remember an occasion when I've been either riding or driving in traffic and not had someone do something stupid and potentially dangerous. For example this morning some clown waiting at a right turn lane in Royal Parade (with his right indicator on) suddenly decided to shoot straight ahead when the lights changed.

    Last Friday night on Lygon Street heading north and another idiot decided he didn't want to wait to turn right but shot down the inside of the tram safety-zone and made a right turn into Princes St (narrowly missing cars making a legal right turn).

    Cameras won't generally pick up the clowns who cut you off, tailgate, use mobile phones, or u-turn in front of you. :evil:
  17. Exactly.

    It was revealed earlier this year that the government's expected revenue from Eastlink speed cameras wouldn't be realised. This wa due to less than expected traffic using the tollway.

    And it was in a bit of a flap about it.

    So, yeah, when they say it isn't about revenue raising, then they're lying to and misleading the public.

    If it REALLY isn't about revenue raising then donate the proceeds to charity. Or use it to subsidise road users who don't get booked with reduced TAC premiums. The charity option is more palatable. At least then we can see how much money is actually donated, rather than a vague and unauditable premium discount for "good" drivers/riders.

    But it won't be. The money will continue to fund the excesses and wastage that plagues government and pubic service economic management.
  18. Far too much time now spent looking at the speedo instead of the road as we are all paranoid about getting booked. Wouldn't surprise me if a good portion of road accidents are because people aren't looking where they are going but how fast they are going.
  19. Speed is the easiest thing to FINE...just set up a camera.

    Drink Drivers, tailgaters, drivers who fail to keep left, drivers with no lights on, and drivers who talk on mobiles, all require to be caught red handed which means more Police on the beat... which costs Brumby money.

    Brumby should take a drive in Europe (himself drive, not a chauffeur) and look first hand at how things work over there.

    How about it Brumby?
  20. Surely you jest? Bumby, or politicians in general don't drive anywhere. Where they're not being limo'ed to the airport they're flying.

    If Howard and others had to commute by car from Sydney to Can'tberra each day I'd bet your speedo that the Hume would instantly have benefited from a Northern Territory style higher speed limit.

    If these twats have to go anywhere that is of any lengthy distance they'll charter a helo or private commuter aircraft to get there. No mind numbing 100 km/h drives for them, no sirree Bob...

    The worst example of this was when Hymie sent his chauffeur ahead to Geelong during an election campaign and he flew down in a chopper, got picked up, driven to whatever it was that he was attending, driven back the chopper and flown back to Melbourne. (dunno how he got from Parliament House to where the chopper was, though).