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Latest hoodies 'a hooligan's tool'

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22918056-2,00.html

    WTF :shock:

    BRITISH politicians are calling for a new brand of hooded jackets to be banned amid fears the wearers could intimidate the public.

    The jackets, which completely cover the head and come with inbuilt goggles, were designed to keep the wearer warm.

    But critics, including British shadow home secretary David Davis, say the hoodies made by clothing company Criminal Damage are a “hooligan's tool†more suited to biological warfare.

    “While we would not want to get into banning items of clothing it is the height of irresponsibility for companies to be deliberately marketing items that would not be out of place in any hooligan's tool kit," Mr Davis told the Daily Mail.

    Some British shopping centres have already banned jackets that obscure people's faces.

    The ban was supported by former prime minister Tony Blair and children’s charities after a number of shoppers were attacked by hooded gangs.

    Kidscape children’s charity spokeswoman Claude Knights told the Daily Mail the new jackets were a “step up†from previous designs.

    "There have always been gangs and there has always been a tendency for young people to identify themselves with their peers. But these hoodies are inciteful, provocative and sinister - I can't see anything laudable about this at all," she said.

    "It's almost Ku Klux Klan. But I don't think youngsters have come up with this on their own. It's almost a marketing ploy to incite a group of youngsters who are perhaps disaffected and trying to create an identity for themselves.

    The jackets, dubbed “burqas for men†by one British newspaper are proving to be incredibly popular with young people.

    Shop owner Marc Chapman told The Times he could not keep up with the demand.

    “I must have sold about 40 jackets in the past fortnight,†he said.

    “Even girls are coming in to buy them, although this is a menâ™s store.â€
  2. must be ugly.

    looks pretty fcuking out there
  3. Saves the crim's from having to wear a balaclava or stocking. :shock:
  4. If they made it with a kevlar lining i'm sure we'd start seeing some on the roads.
  5. wicked modern burkha!
  6. i think its fair Fugmo haha.... It would be good fir skiing!
  7. So do they also ban the use of a burkha? If so is that religios persucution and racism? If not is that prejudice against the hoodie warers?
  8. Hmm, a news story that appears to have originated in the Daily Mail, that well known paper of record. Record number of factually inaccurate stories (second only to The Sun) that is. And sensationalist beat ups for those too thick to read the proper papers and too snobbish to buy the tabloids. Regularly prophesises the sky falling based upon the latest menace to society, as defined by third-rate right-wing "journalists" in order to sell more papers.

    And even though it's 70 years on, it's hard to forgive the vocal support provided to Mosely and his Blackshirts. A thoroughly nasty piece of publishing.
  9. [​IMG]

    Intimidate the public??? With that???

    It doesn't look scary, it looks funny.

  10. +1 Be hard to resist the temptation to lift up that top flap and put your rubbish in there :LOL:
  11. :LOL: The hoody pedal bin, cleaning up our streets.

    Some kind of hooligan community based order then?
  12. Bring out the Gimp :!:
  13. Ahh if only the lid flipped up on it's own if you kicked them hard enough in the crotch :LOL:.
  14. well, actually...


    necessary for the wannabe gansta. yo yo!

    regarding the OP: aw, man! now what the fcuk do i do with last wks hawt purchase?


    anyone remember these? some yrs ago, whilst i was walking along in a shopping center, i saw i guy with this on. fashion fcuking victim in every sense of the word!
  15. That's some kind of stab proof bra i expect. For the yo hos
  16. that is not intimadating!
    we should encourage their use as it would mean petrol stations would have to let bike riders fill up with their helmets on :grin:
    obviously thousands of years of the younger generation trying to stand out from their elders is having a serious effect.