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Latest FZ1 naked, anyone ridden

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by hoisty0970, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Currently riding an 05 R6 love it but am considering upgrading, have had fun on the 600 screamer but am thinking of going to a thousand, but with a slightly less sporty riding position. Anyone have experience with the latest FZ1 :?:

  2. I test rode one before I bought the Bandit 1200. I found the fuel injection system to be very poor... it was jerky to the point of being 'no way could I own this'. YMMV....
  3. rode one (for about 10k's) a couple of months ago. A lot of bike. Not sure my impression is a lot to go by, but I really noticed the difference between a naked thou, and my VFR.

    It was very powerful, and like a mate said

    Where do you want to Mono today?

    The guy who owns it works in a bike shop in Sydney, he says people come in looking at R1's, CBRthou's etc and he often throw they keys to his FZ1 at them and tells them to take it for a spin. He has sold 6 bikes that way.

    Try it. :grin:
  4. I have had one since June. I do not understand all this nonsense about injection problems on fz1. I have no problems with fi on mine. In fact comparing to my previous two bikes (ducati multi and 05 r6) it has the best fuel delivery by far especially at low rpms.
    The main fi problem is the fuel shut-off if rpm are dropped quickly from over 6K. It never troubled me personally, but I can see it being an issue for someone who is in the habit of snapping the throttle abruptly off and than banging it back on. There is a $200 electronic gizmo (fce) from Ivan's performance motosports in the US that eliminates the problem and adds 10hp to the mid-range. In the stock form the bike is a bit soft under 5K, which I think actually makes it quite manageable for commuting, but a sprocket change would probably be your first upgrade.
    I was tossing between 05 triple, second hand tuono or fz1. Triple has a better engine, but the rest of the package for me does not quite work. In the end I got the fz1 for two main reasons:
    1) I got it at over 1K discount on the triple with some accessories thrown in. 1K buys fce, power commander and a slip-on or a suspension upgrade.
    2) I find the ergonomics perfect for me (I am 6'3'').
    3) It is very cheap to insure.
    In the end there is no substitute for experience, take one for a test and decide for yourself.
  5. I found the ergonomics annoyingly stretched out for a nake bike (I am 5'8"), the adjustable seat height on the Bandit 1200 was much better for me.

    I totally agree, what works for one person just doesn't work for another person. Some people are tall, some are short, some are thin and some are fat. Some people don't like bikes that vibrate, some do. Some people like lots of engine braking from high revs and other people don't.

    Do yourself a favour and ride as many bikes as you can before you actually buy one, sometimes you'll find you actually end up buying a bike you'd never have dreamed of :)