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Latest BOM forecast for MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. as at 1:20pm Friday

    Forecast for Saturday

    Mostly cloudy with a few showers. Moderate to fresh west to southwesterly wind.

    Precis: -- A few showers.
    City: -- Min 8 - Max 16

    Sunday -- Shower or two. -- Min 10 - Max 19

    This is an continuous updating radar image:

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  3. nice work Flux, I didn't know about that site :grin:
  4. Go straight to the source!


    Looks like they provide the data for Elders. Weatherzone is owned by the weather company that makes all the fancy images for most news channels.

    There's a tidbit.
  5. I am hoping that they have got it wrong.......... like they normally do :LOL:
  6. Apparently it was 13c at the circuit today....hahahahahahahaha

    Friggin freezin it was.

    I was watching the bikes stream into PI on the way home, all pitched at an angle to counter the wind.
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  8. Slightly ot but can you still get general admission tickets for the race tomorrow? I havent got a ticket and was debating whether or not to ride down there tomorrow for the day. Can ya get em at the gate?
  9. as at 5:30pm Saturday

    Forecast for Sunday
    Early drizzle patches then fine. Morning cloud clearing to a mostly sunny
    afternoon. Moderate west to northwesterly wind and bayside seabreezes.

    Precis: -- Becoming fine.
    City: -- Min 12 - Max 21

    Laverton: -- Min 10 - Max 21
    Tullamarine: -- Min 9 - Max 21
    Watsonia: -- Min 7 - Max
    Frankston: -- Min 10 - Max 17
    Yarra Glen: -- Min 6 - Max 20
    Mt Dandenong: -- Min 6 - Max 16
    Scoresby: -- Min 8 - Max 20
    Geelong: -- Min 9 - Max 20
  10. They were wrong (as usual).
    The weather (and whole event) was awesome !