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Latest boat people

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Well, what a disgusting day of politics today was. There is a boat making a run for Australia with possible illegal immigrants on board. They pull up alongside an oil and gas facility and receive appropriate assistance ie. food and water. The Navy turns up, and finds that the boat is disabled, unseaworthy, is starting to sink and no-one has life preservers. So they rescue them. In the process the boat goes under and the rest of the people are pulled from the water entirely unharmed.

    Somehow this event has been portrayed as having "suspicious timing" by a refugee advocacy group that suspects these people were deliberately sent by some secret arm of the Australian government in the last week of the election. This is the most disgusting and ludicrous piece of filth that I have heard in a long time. And they wonder why the immigration department won't listen to these refugee "advocates". Secondly, they are in the media spruiking all sorts of misinformed shit about these people that just isn't true as a means of trying to criticise the government.

    Then come the Greens and that nutter Kerry Nettle. She asserts, totally incorrectly as it turns out, that the reason the oil platform didn't take the people off the boat is because they were worried about getting charged under immigration law. BULLSHIT! Anyone who knows anything about being at sea knows that whenever safety of life at sea is in question, all bets are off and EVERYONE must do everything they can to save life. Something the Indonesian government doesn't do. And prior to the Navy arriving the boat seemed intact. But don't let these facts get in the way of a good anti-government rant Kerry! Then she has a go at the Navy for risking the lives of these people. FFS these people put themselves and worse, their kids, in an unseaworthy boat with insufficient food and water and tried to make a passage that they knew was dangerous and they were bloody lucky that they ended up near the oil rig and the Navy eventually rescued them. The Navy did all the good things here and saved 16 people from themselves yet she questions the sailors efforts. Then she also tries to tie this whole event into the election in a disgusting attempt to politicise the arrival of this boat. These people are disgusting. And they want to control the Senate. Fcuken save us!!!!

    And they wonder why the government won't listen to them or co-operate on issues of national importance. If your neighbour is always throwing steaming piles of dogshit over your fence, you don't say G'Day or invite him over to your next party.
  2. In my view:

    If you set sail for Australia illegally, intending to land un-detected on Australian soil or claim asylum as a refugee, then the boat once detected should be sunk with the reffo's on board, and there they should be left.

    In todays bleeding heart society it wouldn't be possible to do the just thing, so perhaps our border protections agency or navy rescue them, then immediately bing them to shore for deportation back to their country of citizenship.

    If you want to come to this great country, fill out the forms, and wait your turn. Ask yourself, if these people are refugees with nothing, how do they manage to often trek halfway across the world, get on a boat bound for Australia unless they pay smugglers for the seat??

    I have no sympathy for these scum, trying to violate the borders of this great country.

    Come at your own peril!
  3. Tweet i can't help but think you may be torn a new asshole for you honesty. i admire it either way mate. I don't think killing them would solve anything. The "sweep them under the carpet" approach seems to be working mediocrely well at the moment, not that i'm very knowledgable on such a topic, probably because the "sweep them under the carpet" tactic is working!
  4. There were children on that boat and some of them went overboard.

    Hmmmm, election . . . children . . . overboard . . . .

    Now where have I heard that before?
  5. All we need is a terrorist attack and the conspiracy theorists will have their day :?
  6. Mate thats a seriously stupid comment and I'm totally outraged. Once detected they should be followed until they get to a nice touristy reef area, and THEN sunk. We're running out of shipwrecks to explore, I think this is a good way to get some more hehe.

    Makes you think if they risk so much to come here, that whatever they have at the moment must be totally $hit. But on the other hand, everyone else is waiting their turn, why are they so special.

    I can't believe they tried to suggest this was suspicious, I can't stand politics and refuse to watch any politic related TV during election time, and I change the station when it comes onto the radio. Its so pathetic.
  7. The political insinuation of it being a setup and the having a go at the sailors efforts are the aspects of this that really get my goat. I get a chill down my spine when I think that these people are in the Parliament/Senate.

    I just hope that should the "refugees" turn out to not be refugees at all then it will all come out. But I bet it won't because when the truth is revealed, the refugee advocates won't be interested and the government won't publicise their deportation.

    As for shooting as soon as they appear, I was showing a Probus club group(old-timers) around a P3C Orion one day and as I was talking about the wing hard points that we can sling missiles and mines off, one of the old blokes said "Can you carry rockets?". An intelligent question I thought given most weren't interested and it would only be someone with some knowledge that would ask such a question. I said that it was possible but we didn't have any in our inventory and he replied with "Shame really. Otherwise you could blow those bastard boat people up as soon as you see them." So that isn't an entirely isolated opinion. Not one that I hold though. Some of the refugees have legitimate claims, even if they shouldn't be making the trip by boat. But if they do come by boat then they have to take what they get when it comes to incarceration while their claims are investigated. Regardless of how bad it was back home, they have entered the country illegally.
  8. You serious bud? :shock:
  9. Sometimes when we agree on something I get a shiver and it isn't one that's pleasant but rather spooky :shock:
    As an addendum though, the process should be sped up as some of those bastards are stuck there for years.
  10. *sigh* why couldn't you guys have conveniently disproved my deep seated beliefs that humans are vile creatures. I guess its sort of like how i wish i could be religious. I'd like to believe otherwise, but can't.

    well done smee. you are absolved of all guilt. i hope you enjoy your plasma tv, your kitchen stove and your comfy bed tonight. lord knows all those starving refugees out there will be. I know i will!
  11. I have a philips 51 cm that's 14 years old
    We need a new mattress
    the whole kitchen needs to be replaced but I thank you for your concern.
  12. You heard it a few years ago. It was claimed they threw their children overboard... but instead they scuttled their boat... putting their children in the drink.

    gegvasco, I understand completely where you're coming from.
  13. :rofl: We really need a special emoticon that says in really big letters:

  14. wow smee, you sound like you're doing it really tough, what having a house and all.

    sorry man, just illustrating a general point. nothing against you.

    wouldn't we all be doing the same thing if we were in their situation? (getting on leaky boats to come here) Mmm, but we're not, so i guess it doesn't really matter...
  15. Any thoughts as to why these people would possibly put themselves through this and pay roughly $50 000 each for the privelage?
  16. Senna - you have an obvious agenda.

    If stump were here, she'd probably claim to know one of the boat people. :roll:

    One of my very excellent friends was a cambodian boat refugee. She was 4 years old when her parents fled the persecution and open murdering.

    She's a brilliant IT consultant and technical writer and a talented actress and singer to boot. Thanks Greg and Tweet, you just killed her.
  17. **sigh*** Every now and then I come across something like this that just makes me think that, really, Australians just don't deserve what we have in this country... :cry:

  18. G'day Stump signed in with a new nickname I see?
    what you fail to realise is that your IP is GLARINGLY OBVIOUS to us
  19. You are correct!
    We don't deserve the hordes of filthy refugees that have come here un-invited and undetected slipping into their little communities that often fail to assimilate, and getting govt benefits in the names of their friends who loan them ID to get it, ailbet in 4 different names.

    Detained for years at our expense, selling drugs to our children, taking our jobs illegally working for cash.

    See if you think about it really long and hard, instead of being a bleeding heart sucker you are 100% correct.
  20. tweet does have a point. it would be a hell of a lot more economical to just kill them straight up. Depends what you value you more though. An economy, or a society.