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Late Thurs arvo GOR run 2nd April.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Brij, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Hi folks, I'm planning on doing a bit of a cruise down the Great Ocean Road late Thursday afternoon and heading to the Lorne Pub for a drink and or bite to eat.
    Why? Because it's the last week of daylight savings
    It's still kinda warm
    And I can!

    Meet point: westgate outbound shell/ kfc carpark

    Departure time: 3:30 pm.

    The plan: head down the freeway through Geelong, Torquay and coastal route to the Lorne pub. We should get there by about 5:30. Hang around for a bit to eat and head back, unless others want to play further down the coast. Back through to Geelong before it's really dark so that only night riding will be on the freeway between Geelong and Melb
  2. Have fun Brij, and think of us poor wage slaves toiling away under the yoke of management oppression. ;) I will order some good weather for you.

    I bet you won't think of us at all, I know I wouldn't.
  3. hmmmm, i still have my GOR cherry... very tempting...
    and after the way my senior eng has been the last two days, extremely tempting...
  4. :roll:

    Thurs' are an RDO for me, but this week it's also my guy's birthday ...

    Ah well, next time ... have fun! :grin:
  5. If your willing to nudge the time back to meet me in geelong at 5:30 (finish work) then i'd be happy to come for a blat and dinner at the pub :)

    Oh, and FYI, anyone going on this ride, the roadworks as you enter Anglesea, please go the speed limit. Have seen the unmarked TMU XR6T from Torquay AND the marked Landcruiser from Anglesea patroling this area getting people (there are 2 sections of works, one is 60/40/60 and the other is the same)

    Watch out!
  6. Not too sure if I can make it at this stage. But keep your eyes out for a purple Trans Alp too when you're going through Geelong, Spotted him today pulling over a chook chaser at the start of Barwon Heads road.
  7. Yup, the police are around, but that's always the way in town areas. I was riding through Anglesea last Thurs Below the speed limit and got followed for a few KM's by the police who then pulled me over for a RBT. Just respect their towns and you should be ok.
  8. Other attendees I'm aware of:
    Johnny O
    David G
  9. Cenk said he'd be along as well I think.
  10. Aww, if it was only earlier in the day!! I'd love to join you guys, but my other half would kill me as I have to attend a birthday dinner (can't dodge it, its mine :LOL: )

    I need to try the GO Rd in the dry, think of me as you're having a great time (TNMR might thin out a little that night...)
  11. Should be a great afternoon for a ride.
  12. Anybody want to come, we'll be leaving Shell Westgate outbound at 3.30pm.

    We'll be coming back via Deans Marsh, does anyone know if we need to be on the lookout for kangaroos?
  13. hi folks. Look forward to seeing you all at 3:30. Depending on weather/ time/ conditions we might return via Deans Marsh.
  14. Remind me that I got a new rear tyre fitted about an hour ago!
  15. Absolutely!
  16. Was a great ride, thanks Brij, Deans Marsh saw speeds that can't be printed here, didn't see any kangaroos; must've zapped past them before anything could jump out, lol

    Good group, thanks, Brij, Donna, John, Cenk, Marty & Dave.
  17. Great ride guys, lotsa fun.

    Will now spend the day washing the bugs from pammy's bodywork.

  18. Thanks for being a lovely group to ride with and great company. Only skippy I saw was the one that Johnno devoured at dinner.

    As for bugs on the bike, I couldn't bear to ride it in without a quick clean this morning, just a pity that I got distracted cleaning and forgot to clip on my tail pack which I lost on the way to work :( I think it must have been karma for encouraging funny buggars with someones tank bag yesterday :LOL: