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Late Start

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Natsirt, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Hi there,
    I am 45 and I'm sitting my L's in about four weeks time. I have pretty limited experience riding dirt bikes on a mate's property and that is about it. I am exciting (and moe than a bit nervous) about riding on the roads and have been eagerly reading all the forum articles about safe riding techniques, the safest gear to wear and all the unexpected things I hadn't thought of, like bee strikes! I just want to thank everyone for all their contributions. They have certainly helped a noob like me feel at least a little bit prepared and well informed for the exciting journey ahead.

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  2. welcome aboard :) 45 that's not so late :happy:
  3. Welcome to Netrider and two wheels! You won't regret it :)
  4. G'day and welcome, NatsirtNatsirt. As JeffcoJeffco says, 45 isn't so late - there are a lot of Netriders who have become licensed riders over the ages of 30, 40 and 50 - myself among them. Let us know how you go with your Learner rider course and test and also the subsequent hunt for a motorcycle.
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  5. I beat you by two years only! welcome and enjoy
  6. Welcome to the forums and the wonderful world of motorbikes...

    Remember, when you're wearing the helmet, you're 21.

    And the more you ride, the younger you get..

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  7. Hi NatsirtNatsirt and welcome to NR. Lazy LibranLazy Libran has it right about being 21 again with your helmet on. Go for it and don't forget to share how you went. :happy:
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  8. Welcome to the forum.
  9. Hi, went for my Ls at 65, never sat on a motorcycle before, a big learning curve but enjoying every minute, now 4 months off my Ps and just been with a group of 20 riders to WSBs at Phillip Island, 3000kms round trip, so anything is possible. One rider is now 80 , ex national champion and could still keep up with the hot shots. Welcome.
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  10. Welcome to NR NatsirtNatsirt from one late starter to another (y)
  11. it's better to start late than not start at all. get your P's then join Ulysses where you are still a junior member until 50, not often you can say that.

    best of luck with your test mate!
  12. Welcome :cool:

    A good luck with your test
  13. Welcome to NetRider and to the world of 2 Wheels, NatsirtNatsirt!