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Late registration renewal notice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Viju_Bison, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    I just got my rego renewal letter from the rms on Tuesday, so I thought "oh cool I have a few weeks to take care of this" but it turns out my rego expires Saturday!

    I had a big day of riding planned Saturday so now I'm irritated.

    I will take my bike to the bike smith in Blacktown (they're open at 7am I think) so I can drop it off with them and get the rego checked before going in to work (my bike is 21 years old).

    This is still quite inconvenient though, plus I still haven't received my ctp green slip notice from gio.

    I'm not sure if there is something going on with the mail here in NSW? Or is anyone else experiencing this?

    I was gonna try to sell the bike soon, but since I'm stuck re registering it anyway I might hold on to it for a few more months.

    Apologies if this is not the right place to post this.
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  2. When you pay your ctp you usually get the email immediately or a receipt that shows your ctp slip details. You don't need it with you - it's on file electronically.
  3. Yeah man, I'll just pay for it in the morning. I'm surprised though, usually they send a letter weeks in advance. I haven't even got any emails.
  4. Just ride the bike to a mechanic that can do a pink on the spot, all they check is that the lights and horn work, no obvious oil leaks, and tyres ain't bald, pay the mechanic, pay the greeny and rego off your phone 20 mins later... They've made it easy these days...
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  5. When I saw the title of the post I thought "boo hoo. how terrible". Forgot you guys have to go through the inspection bullshit. I hope that never happens to us here. Takes about 45 seconds to rego on the ezyreg website and it's done.
  6. Mate, not sure what you're looking for here? Answers to your existential crisis? A gang with torch and pitchforks to storm the RMS?

    You got a notice early and were slightly inconvenienced, a lot worse shit could have happened.
  7. Austpost in my experience is currently taking about 10 days to deliver non-premium mail. The idea is that the sender will pay for for premium service, and obviously RMS isn't going to do that.
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  8. We were seeing large variability in delivery times when sending invoices from work so now work sends all invoices 'premium', if a small/medium business can do it then surely a huge department can.

    I'd rather see then add 50 cents to the cost of a bill to cover the cost than have less time to organize shit.

    I'm time poor... not can't afford 50 cents poor!
  9. My rego was due near end July. I got the papers (Rego papers and green slip) and an email reminder more than a month before it was due. But I also know the 9 out of 10 AMCN magazines arrive a working day or two later than they should. Also I received more than one green slip. I always check the best price I can get a greenslip for online. Last year through NSW Riders, I got a greenslip through Morland that was cheaper than what I could find online. This year they were $10 dearer.
  10. Are you forgetting that this (RMS) is a government department? Anything that goes wrong is the customer's problem, not theirs.
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  11. put a reminder in your phone.

    NSW Police have issued many TINs due to expired regos, it seems the 'no label' approach taken by RMS has been a windfall in terms of penalty dollar$ collected.

    Go NSW!!!
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  12. Yes, I recently received a notice from Vicroads. It appears none of the Gov departments have adjusted to the new Auspost delayed delivery system and as Titus said it is the end customer's problem not the inability of them to adjust.
  13. I'm not sure what I've started here, but I apologise for any confusion. I was simply asking if anyone else had that same experience, thinking that perhaps there was a database error at the RMS or AustPost or something. I thought it was strange that the CTP notice didn't show up either. In any case it got sorted.

    I phoned GIO that morning who said they had sent the letter out on the 2nd of August, even now I haven't received it. My folks asked the neighbours if they were missing any mail and they said they weren't. I haven't bothered complaining to the RMS.

    None of my other mail seems to be missing or delayed, but I am contemplating complaining to AustPost - just not sure what I would say to them, I'm not convinced it was them either.

    I dunno guys, maybe someone else received my mail by mistake and forwarded it on, or maybe I had some mail thief.

    I apologise for wasting anyone's time, and I get that this is largely my own fault for not being aware of when rego is due.
  14. No need to apologise, I've now put all the vehicle rego's in my calendar reminder so that if the papers don't turn up in time, I'll know to follow it up. Fines in NSW are $608 for Unregistered plus $608 for Uninsured as the Green Slip is not valid if the vehicle is not registered.
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  15. Here is a solution for you.. Welcome To Forget Reg
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  16. Not available NSW. Probably because of roadworthy
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  17. Are you sure about that mate?

    Which states is this available for?
    Forget Reg is available for all states. As the website is currently undergoing an upgrade SA, NSW, ACT and WA accounts will need to call us on 1800 367 438 in order to complete registration. VIC, TAS and QLD are currently able to register online.
  18. is there an app for that?
  19. How ddo they do your roadworthy for you
  20. What roadworthy?