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[Late Notice] wisemans ferry 7th FEB NSW

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Zbike, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Going for a good ride 2morow mourning probaly wisemans ferry up to gosford for a feed and a beer then back which ever way takes my fancy,

    leaving from Rousehill mackas at around 10:45am, custom Red gs500
    Also taking my fishing gear just in case the mood strikes me,

    Leisurely pace as its a Sunday and i don't want t attract the filth.

    Yeah 7 Of march not feb
  2. Sunday A few showers increasing later in the day. The chance of a afternoon thunderstorm in the west. Light to moderate northeasterly winds becoming moderate to fresh by the afternoon.

    if u do go, go to that pub at Terrigal, awsome pub, cook your own steaks
  3. yeah f the weather, its always raining when i wana go fishing or riding
  4. I winz weather held out
    excelent day on wisemans ferry rd.
    old pac was meh