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Late Notice: VIC 20/7/09 - Day of Madness

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. wow, i've found a sunny day, and i'm free!! :grin:

    plan is to catch up on all the riding i've missed out on.
    route may involve kinglake, yea, both spurs, donna buang, icey creek, gippsland, or any combination of the above.

    meet 8:30am Nunawading Maccas, on springvale. leave 9:00am.

    ride not suitable for sane people.
  2. If i didn't have to earn a living and atone for my sins I'd be there with bells on bud. Have fun now :grin:

  3. damn work... grumble grumble mumble mumble... :cry:
  4. oh i will :grin:
  5. aw i just read this now
  6. damn if I read this before now I'd have joined ya!
  7. Little bit of ADVANCE NOTICE never harmed anyone Nibs!!!

    Spent the morning looking at my VicRoads Country Directory trying to find somewhere interesting to go ... your route will do. :p

    Talking of which, did you have any probs with the windy conditions? Did the pipeline construction alongside Melba Hwy hold you up? Hope ya had a good ride. :wink:
  8. im pooped!
    havent had a big ride in ages.
    ended up being 750km, i dropped in to Westside coffee too :)
    final route
    so i skipped most of the melba, it's a bit boring, and too much of a main road for my liking.
    wind was fine, made it a fun day, probably explains some of the tiredness though.

    roads: kinglake/yea was great. black spur also. reefton was dirty as expected, and damp in places. ALOT of bark and leaf litter, as well as sections of gravel remaining, still alot less than there was before. dont like the gravel, but the bark/debris makes it fun and interesting, having to constantly adjust lines. donna buang was cold, and wet in many sections, plenty of moss to be seen, and bark also. powelltown to noojee was great, dry and clean for the most. icey creek was magic :grin: little dirty, but thats expected. not a single other person on that road! gippsland was ridiculous fun as usual, clean and dry, but very windy.

    and dude, if i had of known earlier it was gonna be sunny and i wasnt gonna be working, i'd have posted :grin: only shit thing bout other people joining is it slows the ride down a bit. i stopped only when i needed fuel, or when a tree looked like it needed watering. and still needed to leave earlier, i had to take the slab home from warragul, as the sun was almost set, and i didnt want to do the powelly tight stuff in the dark and wet, with a tinted visor. soft i know :p

    this route be awesome for summer, much more time to play with, means you could fit in some more fun like chum creek, and all round gembrook/emerald etc.

    again, im pooped.
    awesome day :grin:
  9. When I saw the Melba Hwy part on your preliminary map I thought "not the route I would have taken to Yea." The route you actually took would be my choice. I love those awesome 80 - 100 kph s-curves on the descent from the mountain ridge between Flowerdale and Yea. And the road between Kinglake West and Flowerdale used to be lovely (and faster) before the fires.

    I once took the Black Spur at night (coming back from Alexandra late). My biggest problem, other than the complete lack of light, was the inbuilt programming in my brain to take all the corners at certain breakneck speeds. Scared the shit out of myself. Luckily I settled behind a cager who was using highbeam to navigate their way through at a reasonable speed. So, in my opinion, you weren't soft to avoid Powelltown in the circumstances, just smart!

    Summer is probably a better time for group rides. Obviously with a wet and bark / leaf strewn roads, and the fatigue effects of the cold / windy weather, there would be a fair separation in what riders find comfortable speeds and distances. I reckon 750 km given the time of year is pretty hard-core. On ya Nibs!!

    By the way, did you seen any snow atop Donna Buang?
  10. mmm even summer i prefer to do bigger rides alone, or with only a couple of mates. more than 3 in a group begins to get spread out, and too many variables introduced. much more fun doing 4-500km with a group, can make it a bit more social, stop for lunch, not just feed my face and f*ck off like i do :p

    and nah, just freakin windy, and pretty cool. not as cold as i woulda thought though. snow and i would debate about turning around, dont like the idea of black ice. didnt bother including bawbaw in this run, although right nearby, it'd be a shitload colder, wetter, probably dirtier, and yeah. bugger that :grin: