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Late Notice (Very) Meeting Mordialloc, goin down peninsula

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Danielle, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Well Hello all.

    As I dont have a bunch of regular riding buddies yet, i'm posting here! Meeting in my new hood (i'll be there in 3 weeks) in Mordialloc. So any Mordi dwellers, come say hi :)

    Meeting at the roundabout where nepean hwy and beach rds intersect, just before the river. Leaving about 1pm-ish..

    Mob: 0422 235 224 or add me to msn using the button thingy below

    I have L-plates, be warned.
  2. Hey Danielle
    Guess i'm to late now :cry:
    Well maybe next time always up for a ride that way
  3. Hey Danielle a few of us Peninsula mob (Noodie Pooh, Speedbump) were out and about today, pm us next time u r up for a ride!
  4. I'm back. Had my 1st official "Scare" today !!!! lost traction of the rear wheel just b4 one of those hairpin bends coming back down arthurs seat.... very scary. but rode along the twisty road between mornington and dromana (a few times), that was fun.
    thanks 2 chris_, im.on.it, and ozego for joining me, and iondah for finally turning up in mornington :p
    ezyryder, i will let you know when i'm up for a ride! i'll be living closer to the peninsula shortly.
    hope everyone made use of the fine weather today!
    the end
  5. Yep, we did make the best of it! :)

    Nice beer at the pub! :grin:

    Seriously though, I live down here and know many of the nice and empty roads around the peninsula. PM us next time you want to head out down here!

    Glad you only had a scare and not a stack. :grin:

    Noodie Pooh!
  6. Hey Noodie, thanks 4 the msg. I will contact you guys next time I am going for a ride! I cruised past the little Mt Martha shopping hub a few times today on that road, i figure if i memorise each corner, i will get really good one day ;) Good to know there are some people local-ish!!!

    (edit from my other msg it was acutally my 2nd scare, i forgot about being swept a metre into the side of the bolte bridge, both got my heart racing but havent fallen off yet, except dropping bike in my backyard when the seat came dislodged!!)
  7. I had fun today, great to practice a few things playing TEC. Thanks for leading the way Oz. and thanks for leading the way back Iondah, I would have surely missed the left turn to get to the freeway. :grin:

    I think it was "I Adore Vic" who drove by the main drag in mornington.
    Didn't recognize the car, I thought you had a maroon coloured one.
  8. oh yeah, i forgot to say thanks to you riders for acting as padding in front and behind me :oops: and for waiting for me as i made my n00bish way through the twisties at no0bish speeds. :D :D
  9. Danielle,

    Most important thing to remeber with twisties is to always do it at a speed you are compfortable with. Dont ever feel pressured to go faster than you can relatively handle. Thats when bad things happen.

    I've heard Arthurs seat can be quite tricky to ride, so well done on doing that.
  10. Yep - that was me in the courtesy car...I kinda like it - it's a little old bomb, just like how I feel sometimes :wink: :) I would've yelled out 'hi' but my oldest was in the back and she said 'Don't yell out hi!' so I didn't... :oops: :LOL: We actually passed you earlier (opposite directions going through a roundabout). :) :)

    Hope you had a great day riding....you had the perfect weather for it :)
  11. except for the rain on the way back home :LOL: was my first time riding in the rain so i just took off quite quickly to outrun the edge of the rain cloud.
  12. Danielle,

    glad you had a good time.

    next time you are thinking of hitting the road, let me kow as i'm allways looking for a bit of a blast.

    Went to eildon today with wizud and the grey beards (ulysseys from yarra ranges), via the spur and back home through yea, glenburne and the slide.

    a good ride was had by all.

  13. ooh look! I have friends !
    cam229: sounds like u had a good day too. yay, more people 2 ride with.
    vic- i woulda waved hi, cept i was a bit slow on the uptake! nice to um, see you blur past :)
    cambo: thanks 4 that, i know thats when bad things happen when u push ur limits, i think arthurs seat was pushing mine! i better watch the TAC dvd and hypnotise myself with the go slow-be cool - take it at ur pace - its ok 2 be late msg they try and sell!!
  14. of course you have (online) friends :grin: You have a female name. I've made similar threads about asking for riding buddies and got stuff all replies. heh :LOL: Hope you enjoy riding, it is an awesome thing to do :grin: :grin:
  15. undii: I'll be your ride-buddy :D
  16. I somehow confused myself trying to get onto the freeway in Frankston and turned too early, just as the rain came down. Apart from that it was a good sunday arvo cruise.

    Danielle, don't stress about your incident, you didn't overreact, cross the line or drop the bike. It's all part of learning.