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LATE NOTICE Tonight (2/6/07)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Matchstick01, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Real late notice for this one. MickyB is with Smarteeee and The axe from melbourne and they want a social night. So... here goes, meet at Liverpool Krispy Kremes (on the cumberland hwy inside the megacentre carpark) at 8pm, or Parramatta hooters just off James Ruse Drive in Parramatta at 8:30ish. We should be there for a while so if you want to meet us at Parramatta Hooters just get there when you can.


  2. good ride last night guys !

    geeeez, Debsta can ride !!! :eek:
    same with TheYak, your ready to do your P's dude !!

    dom ! . . . your sure thats not a VTR350 !

    I'll post pics up soon !

    Should this be a regular thing ?
    Good seeing Pauls mates with the CBR1000RR and ZX10R ! . . damn nice bikes !

    And smarteee-pants ! on the Busa !! :roll:
  3. lol yeah it was a good ride!
    ha i wish i had an extra 100cc! thats why i got the extra 750cc!! :p

  4. oh, and i forgot !

    Those chics in the white VW Golf - blowing kisses and being sleazy . . . . :shock: :grin:

    All I can say is . . .
    I can't help if my bike was touching distance from them. :eek:

    Besides . . . . Deb was with us, so I had to behave and be a gentleman ! :p
  5. So . . . . are Friday night rides starting ???

    Some pics . . .
    We had idontlikemondays with us to give us permission to park on Military land ! :p
    If we were told no toosh off . . . . gegvasco was to be called in to do the paperwork ! :grin:


    damn sexy beast in the foreground ! ;)

  6. You must have me confused with The Axe from Melbourne...

    Turned into a long day, the Old Road run was great, as was meeting the rest of you and doing the speed limit, riding with a 3 second gap and courteously around the city :grin: Debsta, is it the purple sparkles that makes it so fast? If so, I'd almost consi...nah :LOL:

    Smarteeee is faster than the eye whether on the 'busa or not :eek:


    The Spada tries to fit in with the hip crowd :rofl:

  7. Hey yak that time exposed shot with smarteee having no legs is really kewl, Good work.
    How was hooters? :grin:
  8. Ah damn, missed it, wanted to go for a ride.
  9. Oh my, what would you have done if I wasnt around.....??

  10. June 29 !


    Who is in ???
  11. Cheers Jace :grin: No Hooters! ...well, there were, but we didn't go to hooters...they just followed Micky's plate around :rofl: