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Late Notice Sunday 13th Whittlesea ride - Newbie Friendly

Discussion in 'VIC' started by cjvfr, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Anybody interested in a ride tomorrow, (Sunday 13th July)
    Starting Whittlesea at 10:30, leaving 11:00, following this route or there abouts. :)

    Meet at the Petrol station on the far side of the town as you head out of town towards King Lake. Sorry can't remember what company it is.

    Forecast for Sunday
    A fine day, although partly cloudy. Fresh to strong and gusty northerly wind
    easing a little later.

    Precis: Fine.
    City: Min 9 Max 14

    Go on you know you want to. :)
  2. After reading the other thread I was really keen to give this route a go, I will be there. If anyone knows which petrol station company it is, please post :)
  3. Should be the Caltex
  4. I'll probably hook up with ya Cameron.

    And just confirming it is the Caltex, just past the Royal Mail Hotel, corner of Forest St.
  5. If tonight is not too BIG I'll come :)
  6. My neighbour is having his 40th tonight, so if I don't stumble home too late I might be a starter.
  7. Would love to come but still got some things to do to prepare my bike for the Icicle Ride next weekend. Want to try to get stuff done this weekend rather than wait till the last minute.
  8. Hey guy's just to let you all know their will be another bike club meeting at the same servo at 10 o'clock tomorrow so hopefully their will be no confusion as to who's who.

    The other group is Melb Sports Bikes Riders if you go with them make sure you have your knee sliders on and really good tyres!

    Cheers Bruce
  9. I'm a goer... Just make sure your wearing a pink beanie so we can differentiate between the sports bike club and netriders :p
  10. Thanks for the heads up ZX9A6, we are a bit later so the Sports bike guys should be gone by the time we are arriving.
  11. Sorry Chris et al.

    Too lazy to get out of bed in time this morning - and I saw a drizzle :)

    What a whimp, hey!
  12. Nice ride thanks Chris but this rain it's giving me the shits :evil: everywhere I go it rains.
    So from Thursday night to Sunday my gear never gets chance to dry out Oh well we need the water :roll:

    Cheers Bruce
  13. Thanks for organizing the ride Chris, pleased to meet new faces and the ride was much enjoyed!
    Apologies to Bruce for not stopping at Yarra Glen to say thanks for the directions, very rude of me! :roll:
    (I recognized the turnoff as we came into the Glen :wink: )
  14. No problems guys, thanks for the company. If Bruce can do something about his attraction to the rain ;) we'll be right next time.
  15. Thanks for the nice cool (cold) ride today, at least the sun came out on the way home thawed me out a bit...
  16. Cheers Chris and everyone who came, it was great - especially the second half when the sun started to show :)