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Late Notice - Social night Tue 17/4/07 - 6:30-7pm

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Mickyb V9, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. For some reason it has not been approved so i'll post it up manually.

    Where - Woolwich Pier
    Time - 6:30-7pm

    Time to go back to an old favourite.
    Old heads are coming
    So to the new faces come along to say hi.
  2. Ok so I may be totally ignorant but where the hell is Woolwich??? never heard of it before :?

    Anyway I am up for this one.....assuming I can find it that is........ :roll:
  3. Lindy, its up the road from your work !!

    So do we finally get to meet Wendy ????

    BTW boys . . Wendy = Lindy's ZX6R, which replaced Cartman (GPX)
    . . . so don't get all excited !!!
  4. OK Cool

    found it :woot:

    And Micky......... yes you will finally get to meet Wendy :grin:

    see you there :beer:
  5. nah, its Luigi (the Monster) wants to get to know Wendy ! :eek:


    Should be a good night, we have a few sharing some trip reports from Tassie and Vic, some have new bikes to show and the usual riff-raff humour ! lol
  6. AH HAH.............so Luigi doesnt chase after school boys anymore?.

  7. Yeh I really like your zx6r Lyndy.. looks alot like this strangely :)

  8. Thanks Jared :grin: I can see a remarkable resemblance also :grin:


    awesome video you made of the learners trip west :applause: hope its not copyrighted cos I have it saved on my pc :?
  9. oh how sweeet !

    Wendy meet Luigi . . . Luigi meet Wendy !


    Luigi gets around, see Lindy, here he is with Sylvia ! :LOL:


    . . . we all have names for our bikes ! LOL

    Sylvia = Phil's SL1000 Falco

    Betty won't like this . . .
    (btw, Betty is my matte black VTR :p)
  10. so long as no one else starts calling me Wendy! :?
  11. No probs Wendy :wink:

    Thanks for the comment, one day I'll get around to getting a tank mount. Saving for the 600 is on the agenda at the moment though. F4i, er6 or zx6r are the only acceptable choices.
  12. last time I rode an F4i it wasnt a Kawasaki ?!?!?!?!

    nice bike tho, I nearly bought one, but then Wendy was a much better deal.

    I'm not Kawasaki brain washed.....I'm not......REALLY :roll: