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Late Notice: RNP run Wed 8th Apr (Morning)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by cakeman, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, im going to do the RNP run tommorow (Wed 8th) leaving from homebush. going to do the following route:

    http://snipurl.com/fbs54 [maps_google_com_au]

    Im going to be leaving homebush around 8am.

    Im on my L's so will be taking it relatively easily.

    Sorry for the late notice, let me know if any are interested.
  2. I cant go but just wanted to say have a great ride, looks like a gorgeous day for it :)
  3. I would have definately come if I had seen this earlier!
  4. Just got back. was such a perfect day for it.

    Got to remount my number plate and indicators. it was mounted right over the rear wheel with very little clearance and got cleaned ripped off today!

    Ill give a bit more notice when i do it again. im sure it wont be to long away till i do it next! :)
  5. how did you find them?
  6. Number plate got ripped off and a biker behind me was kind enough to let me know. Indicators were just hanging from the wires banging against the rear wheel.

    Just finished re mounting everything then in a spot further up the tail. hopefully i shouldnt have any more troubles
  7. Lol.. if I'd registered to the site earlier and seen this I would've come.
    Went for a short ride today down hawkesbury road instead.

    Next time you go, PM me, wouldn't mind tagging along. Plus your on the way for me to meet up.