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Late notice ride to Jenolan caves tomorrow 13/1/08

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Matrix, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    A few of us have decided to head out to Jenolan caves tomorrow.

    We will be meeting at Richmond Maccas at 8:30am for a 9am departure.
    We will be heading there via Bells line of Rd

    All are welcome including L and P platers
  2. What about this one?

    [NSW] ride to wollmbi for lunch via opld pac and the putty

    :-k still on? cheers
  3. i think its been diverted South to nasho & K-V.

    Jenolan ride is heaps fun - its a more relaxing day than putty rd.
    Watch out for rocks towards the end bits
  4. You're right RKO it has been diverted south. I was going to join them if they went north but maybe next time
  5. Some people are still going north. Bring your mates and come north.
  6. is anyone coming from Parramatta? or nearby Pendle Hill area?
  7. I've just done Jenolan during chrissy break.
    Latest report: still fun.

    Have a great time & if you see late model dark blue commy with spoilers & tint, dont cross double-line or wheelie around him! :LOL: :LOL:

    Im heading south tomorrow
  8. i've done too, was good. Was just trying to go somewhere else, i might go tomorrow hope the weather helps. \:D/
  9. My self and a few others have done alot of debating over where to ride tomorrow and we decided this arvo that the caves was the run as it is always fun.

    I will do the run over and over just to commit every corner bump and twist in the road to memory
  10. home safe guys, thanks for the ride, tools, tips and settings... :grin:
    Great fun today and in the end a free bike and gear pre wash in the way home... :facepalm:

    Will post the pics soon. Cheers! and hope to see u guys in the next ride!
  11. Well it was late notice but a great ride today Brett and Lucas joined Jodie Matt and myself and we can't forget Vince who just happed to be at Maccas this morning and decided to come along for the ride.

    Here a a couple of pics from the day



  12. Thanks for an AWESOME day guys and gal . :cool:
    Had a great ride threw some really really good twistys and me and Paris{my bike} got to know each other better :LOL: .
    Couldn't of got any better roads to see what the new bike can do ,on the open road and in the real tight stuff going down to the caves . And plenty of laughs along the way ,and thanks for waiting for me at the corners, I'll get the bikes 1000km service this weeks and we'll see what she can do over 6000rpm. :grin:

    Oh and sorry I didn't wave as I sent by the servo ,I didn't see you ,I thought you guys would of been long gone ,because I stopped to put my wet weathers on . :wink:
    It was a pleasure to ride with you guys.

    Cheers and Beers .

    Sled. :grin:
  13. "Oh and sorry I didn't wave as I sent by the servo ,I didn't see you ,I thought you guys would of been long gone ,because I stopped to put my wet weathers on ."

    Lol, how do you know? It's ok, I just stopped and Vince was there, so we just kind of waited for the rain to stop and headed home.

  14. Vince stoped next to me at a set of lights ,taped me on the shoulder ,and told me I was blind :cool: ...scared the crap out of me. :LOL:
  15. hahahahhaa so you borrowed from him some nappies? lol.. :wink: