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Late notice...ride this arvo 19_3_05 Melbourne northern subs

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Eberbachl, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. Late notice I know .......but

    Looks like a nice day outside - thought I might take a short ride this arvo.

    Maybe up to Kinglake or similar.

    Anyone interested?

    I'm in Plenty - near Greensborough.


  2. Im keen. Meet when and where?
  3. How about 2:30pm in the car park behind KFC Greensborough?

    Sound OK?



  4. Done

  5. See you guys at KFC...2.30 8) :D
  6. Sounds great ;)

    Anyone else who sees this in time ;) see you there!

  7. Thanks for the ride Aaron, and Julie,

    Had a great time.

    Just a short ride, we went from Greensborough, through Diamond Creek and Hurstbridge to St Andrews, and then on up through the twisties to Kinglake.

    Got abused by a feral Kinglake local for passing him on a straight section, and under the speed limit :roll: who was complaining that he lived in the area, and that his wife and kids have to use that road....I think the turd just had a problem with life in general.

    Anyway, on to a nice coffee and snack at the Kinglake Bakehouse, then home through Kinglake West and Whittlesea.

    Nice ride :D notwithstanding the angry local...

    Thanks guys ;)

    G'day Ruggers - sorry you missed out on the ride, and the family is doing well - thanks!

    See you on the next ride.


  8. .......... and I log on now ........... :(

    bugger !!!

    :x :x :x